GRIME: Colors of Rot is gone for consoles and PCs now


    Acclaimed side-scrolling Metroidvania GRIME is now available on the Xbox Series X/S, PS5, Xbox One, and PS4. On all platforms, even PC, there is a free DLC, Colors of Rot. See the trailer below.

    Colors of Rot adds a lot more new area, bosses, abilities, Traits, weapons, and enemies. Along with the new Cinematic and Achievements, new music and NPC interaction have also been added. If you return to previous areas, you will learn about hidden challenges. You will also fight battles of the rest of the other bosses when you take the final boss.

    A variety of quality-of-life features include the work of the Greek Rockgiant and the Fleshnoan. The map now tracks your steps back to the Beacon. Warp is also moved to new bosses and is available in mid-game. Watch out below to get the full version of the patch.

    As for the Nintendo Switch version, a release date is still pending, so stay tuned for more updates.

    Colors of Rot DLC Patchnotes and notes on the difference in color.

    • A new, massive area.
    • Small responsibilities.
    • The possibility of new abilities is endless.
    • New vehicles.
    • New nations are the new ones.
    • New Weapons.
    • New music.
    • New NPCs.
    • There’s a new cinematic scene.
    • Hidden backtrack challenges, as reward for new exposure of previously explored areas.
    • The healing of the adrenaline will help you gain a sense of recovery.
    • After defeating the ultimate boss, the ability to win in the endgame refights was incredible.
    • New accomplishments.

    Changes in the quality of life and customise:

    • The game’s optimization makes it much easier to play & amp; more graphical options make it easier to predict the performance of the game.
    • Newworked minibosses: Grieving the Hard Rock & Artisan of Fell. Both of the bosses felt a little underwhelming. Grief is now on the rise of all new attacks as it is a bit sorcery. Artisan will now teleport to melee attack you, giving you a chance, too.
    • You can now equip a weapon anytime, but you pay a penalty for severe damage. As far as it is known, the move is possible without testing the weapons and the weapon moves before committing to their stats requirement. Don’t be caught up in that!
    • The Map now shows where you’ll be getting a walk through the area. If we don’t let the Beacon system go, I still want to find a way to reduce some of the frustrations of players who ended up losing more than they should’ve. The map will track your progress, so that you can hardly resurface.
    • Warp have been moved into one of these new bosses, and can be gained around the mid-match. There is an additional request. We can now gain the ability to Warp quickly to the present moment.
    • During the fall damage nerfed significantly across the tiers. All of the fall damage remains an in-house narcotical object to the design structure, and we’ll be able to mitigate that more slowly.
    • Added the option of increasing NPC speech bubble text size. A little help for Steamplayers!
    • The number 7 could be increased compared to a swivel. (No longer limited to use pull with Mouse alone). We can now aim by using directional keys.
    • Garden enemies have been replaced by new kinds. (The flower owels had one of the most frustrating mob enemies in the game). In numbers, they have been reduced and changed to make Garden less intense (or The Carven Palace).
    • Large shell lurkers drop rate significantly increased for bloodmetal chlorides. Since you’re a farmer, it would seem to be less complicated.
    • The look of climbing and platforming has been tightened.
    • Heavy weapons – Cost reduction.
    • Added arrow indicators to the moveable platforms in Carven Palace, so that they can be displayed in better detail.


    • Arms without equipment are expensive and expensive.
    • These traits aren’t all that good to know.
    • Bloodmelon Oxygens depletion nerfed, which is the oxygen in blood.
    • Children’s Nerf and Chisel Nails Duration and Higher Force Cost for the special.
    • Piercer Trait has changed and replaced by an enemy type called DLC.
    • Great increase to Force regen.


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