Googles Pixel 2023-2025 roadmap surfaces on the net


    The roadmap to Google’s smartphone for the next few years has leaked.

    The tidal wave of information comes from the trusted source where it explains what Android is doing to Android Authority. The two of these pages talks on the next mobile phone to the mobile phone.

    The leak takes us through Googles plans from 2023-26 and is completely accurate. It is a quick recap of all the key details below.


    • Pixel phones start around April or May. One, the double name of Lynx is the Pixel 7a, and another, the double name of Felix, is the double name (like Google’s number for the foldable).
    • The Pixel 7a is the same price in the US as the Pixel 6a. The Pixel 6a costs $599 in Canada, so it will probably be the same price.
    • The Pixel Fold costs about $1,799 USD (around $2,459 CAD), exactly what the United States cost for Samsungs foldables. The foldables are likely cheaper than the South Korean tech giants in Canada, because Samsung’s incline to get more expensive in Canada.
    • The Pixel 8 (codenamed Shiba) and Pixel 8 Pro (codenamed Husky) are going to be introduced later in 2023. This will not be as big as the Pixel 7 series, but it will become bigger in 2023.
    • The Tensor G3 which is expected to debut in Pixel 8 is coded Zuma.


    • Google is considering changing that line from a yearly Pixel A series to a newer version depending on the price of the Pixel 7a. The project is planned to have the Pixel 8a (Akita), but it can’t be scrapped. The company could rather adopt a program on its own.
    • If the Pixel 8a is to launch, the price would jump to 499 USD.
    • The Pixel 9 series will have three devices.
    • The Pixel 9 will be the same size and will look like the Pixel 8.
    • The Pixel 9 Pro (cotnamed Komodo) will feature an XXI yen-inch display, and smaller Pixel 9 Pro (cotnamed Caiman) will include an XXI with the XIXIII xiii feature.
    • The source suggests that this looks like a strategy from the iPhone 14 series. This standard Pixel 9 is equivalent to what’s called the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Pro is comparable to the 6.3-inch Pixel Pro, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max would come to the 6.7-inch Pixel 9.
    • Tensor G4, the name Redondo.
    • The next Pixel has a plan for folding up. The device isn’t known that much. Google is likely to wait to see how the first foldable becomes.


    • Google has several plans for 2025, depending on the success or failure of its devices in 2023 and 2024. Google’s thinking about a Z-Split-like foldable that would start in fall 2025 along with Pixel 10.
    • If Google doesn’t decide to go with a flip-type device, it will launch four multi-smart phones instead. These would match Apple’s current iPhone strategy, with two base pixels and two pro models.
    • Pixel Fold in 2025 depends on whether the Pixel Fold in 2023 works well.

    Although the TheAndroid Authority trusts this source, this leak covers information for two years and has been discovered. These plans have some meaning, but they could change more dramatically in the future. Personally, I hope the reports that address the Pixel Fold are accurate, since I have been waiting for that device several years.

    Source: Android Authority.


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