Get the free Holiday Cheer Suit DLC today at Sonic Frontiers



    It’s part of a long line of Sonic Frontiersupdates: big and small, alike.

    If you have forgotten it,Sonic Frontiers recently released a 2023 roadmap. This is the reason why it’s great. Before we begin our new year, there’s a bit of free DLC to be ordered: including a Christmas suit for Holidays.

    The DLC suit is out today, exactly like the previousmonster hunterda suit. If you need an idea of how all this skin DLC works (that isn’t intuitive), we have a complete breakdown.

    Just make a point as to what the map of the Sonic Frontiers 2023 map looks like.

    • Update: The Jukebox, Photo Mode, New Challenge Modes.
    • Open Zone Challenge, New Koco update.
    • Update 3: Playable Characters (Tails, Knuckles, Amy), and new story.

    If the team can fix a lot of technical problems, it must be extremely long: in fact, uncharacteristically long. The old world has already gone more and more toSonic Frontiers than many modern 3DSonic games. A lot of content and fixes will only help you. Once we get started, we will get started.



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