Genshin Impact’s 15 Most Popular Male Characters, Ranked


    The genetics within Teyvat’s population of Sight wielders and the like are top-notch, especially when it comes to males. They bring the game to life through their unique personalities and backstories, and revive us with their undeniable appeal. Although every man in Genshin Impact has a place in our hearts, only 15 can reach the top of the leaderboards.

    Whether you’re looking to gather hotties to send with yourself or looking to send attractive men with other attractive men, here’s a roundup of 15 of the best Y chromosomes in Teyvat that can improve your day simply by existing.

    The 15 Most Attractive Boys in Genshin Impact, Ranked


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    Albedo may not choose to party, but he seems like a fan of cozy dates at home. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see him draw wild animals or an unknown plant. With his elemental ability, he can lift you into the sky and give you a great view of nature. Spending time with a creative person like Albedo is sure to rub off on you and maybe help you discover new hobbies and art forms.

    Of everyone on this list, Kamisato Ayato is the most qualified to become a husband. He’s the main protagonist straight out of a K-Drama or Otome Isekai series: rich, smart, powerful, responsible, and handsome. From his perfectly brushed hair that never seems to fall out of place to his more elegant swordsmanship and the frenzy of things that could be hiding beneath his armor, is there anything not to like about the head of the Kamisato family? But above all, his addiction to bubble tea means that boba dates are always on the agenda.

    14 – Shikanoin Heizou

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    While Heizou may chronically ruin cop show plots, we admire his pursuit of justice. Heizou is a thoughtful character who frequently checks on the protagonist’s well-being. He is a curious soul who is always happy to share new developments with him. We would love to spend more time with Heizou and learn about the mistakes he helped fix. He seems like a guy who would enjoy cozy dates at the library.

    13 – Kaedehara Kazuha

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    Kaedehara Kazuha sees everything through a lens of beauty, but he probably doesn’t realize that he is the most beautiful person you and I have ever seen. Add to that his calm and relaxed demeanor, and his rare penchant for poetry has made him quite eloquent in prose, which she’ll probably use to casually slip in some extra romantic lines that will catch us off guard.

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    12 – Diluc

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    Diluc is one of the original beauties of Genshin Impact, as he satisfied the hearts of the sims from the first day we set foot in the enormous world of Teyvat. From her fiery red hair to her stoic personality to the stacks of cash found in her safe at Dawn Winery, what else do you need in your ideal husband? Diluc has it all.

    11 – Cino

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    Cyno knows the best places in the Sumeru Desert and will probably show you around if you ask. Sure, he may go after academic evildoers, but you should be fine if you cite your sources correctly. We would love to sit and listen to the stories she tells, perhaps with a cold lemonade to calm the scorching heat. While he babbles about the new rare card sleeve he can’t wait to use in the next TCG game, you and I will be busy staring at his irresistible abs.

    10 – Arataki Itto

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    We can’t listen to one of Itto’s voice lines without smiling. His character is fun and funny, and he clearly cares about the members of his Arataki gang. He may seem threatening, but Itto is truly a sweetheart with unique hobbies. He would be happy to teach us how to fight Onikabuto, probably lending us the larger of the two beetles for a better chance of victory. We love Itto and believe he keeps every day from being boring.

    9 – Tartaglia

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    Tartaglia, also known as Childe, is a prime example of a likable bad boy. Although he spends his nights plotting with the Fatui Harbingers, he spends his days playing with his younger brother Teucer. Despite his corrupt affiliations, Tartaglia has a soft spot for family and does everything he can to protect Teucer from the criminal underworld. What can we say, we love a family man.

    8 – Kaeya

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    Kaeya is hot and he knows it. However, this self-confidence sometimes comes across as arrogance. While Kaeya may make you feel like the only girl in the world, there are probably eight other women who feel the same way. Because of her over-the-top outfit and her silky smooth voice, you’ll constantly feel like you’re dating someone out of your league, even if you’re not.

    7 – Dainsleif

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    Ever since Dainsleif was first teased in old Genshin Impact trailers, fans have been hanging on to every last copium for his eventual release as a playable unit. He exudes an aura that only the baddest of bad boys can pull off, and his eyepatch only adds to his charm. If you are looking to secure a stable future, Dainsleif might not be the best option if you plan to settle in Teyvat. But if you don’t mind dating someone from Khaenri’ah, he’s all yours.

    6 – Alhaitham

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    Alhaitham is a serious studio scribe who lives life rationally and efficiently, a world away from a certain architect. But that’s exactly what we love about Alhaitham, who would probably rather read a book than go on a date. There’s something about extremely cold and distant men that makes them ultra-hot, even more so than the ultra-hot burner lamp test model.

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    5- Kaveh

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    Kaveh, the Light of Kshahrewar, is a prodigal architect responsible for the construction of the Alcazarzaray Palace. He is the epitome of a starving artist, spending money he does not have in the name of art, thus burying himself in a life of debt. But if you can look past his overly philanthropic personality, you’ll see an extremely talented individual and a face that could be on the cover of Teyvat’s rendition of GQ.


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    Zhongli gives off an intriguing mentor vibe, with his centuries of experience and calm demeanor. We would love to learn about the first contract in Liyue and how he protected the citizens from destruction time and time again. Of all the members of Genshin Impact, we think Zhongli would have the best stories to tell. He is the perfect drinking buddy and someone we can enjoy spending retirement with.

    3 – Kamisato Ayato

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    Image via HoYoverse

    If you didn’t lose your mind when Neuvillette was revealed, you probably lost your mind when you first saw the gruff, wolfish, and extremely Hot image of Wriothesley. From his dark hair to his brash personality and his ability to put the nation’s entire prisoner population in their place, Wriothesley exudes a charm like no other. He’s no slouch in the dad department either. Being one half of Sigewinne’s parent duo, he sure knows how to take care of the little Melusines.

    1 – Neuvilleta

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    Everyone greets Iudex Neuvillette, the Hydro Sovereign, the Hydro Archon’s nanny, and a long-haired husband with a prettier face than yours and mine. I almost lost my mind when I first saw a photo of Neuvillette, and I’d be surprised if you didn’t. He is the epitome of perfection, from having the most stable job at the Court of Fontaine to being powerful enough to calm the Primordial See, while also being one of the kindest and most reasonable men we have met on our journey. . Above all, Neuvillette is the best dad material, to the point that he is practically the father of all the Melusines.

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