Genshin Impact Upon a Flowery Field of Grass World Quest guide


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    Upon a Flowery Field of Grass is a Genshin Impact World Quest that you can accept in the northern part of the Court of Fontaine. It involves helping a frustrated man named Earnshaw bring his three dogs back to his house.

    By completing this World Quest, you’ll get the Recipe for Tasses Ragout, a local Fontainian dish that recovers HP. It’s easy to cook and a great alternative to Pita Pockets and Sweet Madames.

    How to unlock Upon a Flowery Field of Grass World Quest in Genshin Impact

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    Head to the house in the middle of nowhere northwest of the Court of Fontaine. Its exact location is circled in the image above. Once you’re there, you’ll find an NPC named ??? with a blue exclamation mark over his head. Speak with him to unlock Upon a Flowery Field of Grass.

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    How to Bring Hero, Prince, and Princess home in Genshin Impact

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    In this quest, your goal is to search for Earnshaw’s three dogs, Hero, Prince, and Princess, and guide them back home. I recommend starting with Hero, who’s on the far left, as the other two can be guided together. Head to the area circled above to find Hero in front of Suspicious Fowls.

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    Pick up all the Suspicious Fowls to prompt Hero to start moving. This dog is extremely naughty and will run away if you look away even for just a moment, so stay close to him the entire time (as demonstrated in the image above). Guide Hero to the glowing spot in Earnshaw’s house to complete this objective.

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    Next, you must guide Prince and Princess back home. They’re located in the flower field circled above, except Earnshaw will get mad if you step on the flowers. You must not step on the purple flowers or you’ll be teleported back to him. If you do step on them by accident, don’t worry as you can try again. I recommend using a tall character as the flowers are hard to jump over.

    To reach Princess, head to the left side of the flower field, then carefully jump toward her to begin guiding her back. You can apply Anemo onto the clover to create a wind current, which is easier than jumping over the flowers.

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    While guiding Princess back, pick Prince up along the way, then guide them back to Earnshaw together. Once done, speak to Earnshaw to complete the World Quest.

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