Genshin Impact Trailer Showcases New Outfits for Ayaka and Lisa


    In its upcoming release, HoYoverse announced the revised edition of RPG Genshin Impact, which will come live next week. With two new characters, Alhaitham and Yaoyao, and the Desert of Hadramaveth, it’s also a little larger and lighter than Lisa and Ayaka Kamisato will have two new outfits. Have an eye on them here.

    The theme of this iteration of Teyvat style is Flowers Between Pages, which are seen in both outfits in both outfits in the flower motifs. Her outfit seems to be a wake-up callback to her time as a scholar for the Sumeru Akademiya before she settled in Mondstadt with the Knights of Favonius. The Ayakas outfit is built on Fontaine, the city-state that reveres the Focalors as the Hydro Archon.

    It could hint that Ayaka will be involved in a future story when the region is introduced. One can buy version 3.4 on January 18th, but the trailer should include the kits and abilities of the new characters. Watch out for further updates.


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