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    Genshin Impact’s Tales of the Youkai web event runs from December 21, 2022, to December 30, 2022, and is open to all players Adventure Rank 30 and above. During this event, you can write stories with Paimon to submit to Yae Publishing House, with the goal of helping readers become familiar with various youkai.

    Start by going to the official page of the web event. Make sure you’re signed into your HoYoverse account, which is also your Genshin Impact account. Select the correct server and character, as rewards are distributed via in-game mail.

    How to complete the Genshin Impact Tales of the Youkai web event

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    First you need to collect Inspiration to start writing stories. Click on the get inspired at the bottom right of the event page to see a list of tasks, segregated by day. These are mostly in-game tasks that need to be completed on the same HoYoverse account that you used to log into the web event. Once you’ve collected Inspiration, click the Traveler’s speech bubble to start writing.

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    There are five youkai themes that are unlocked during the event period. Each can be unlocked using a number of inspirations. When you’re ready, click on the youkai theme to unlock it, then select any of the prompts for your story. Different notices will deserve several Responses from Readers. You don’t have to unlock them to get rewards, so you can choose any of your preferred prompts.

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    Once you have selected your preferred prompts, click Complete Creation send the draft to Yae Publishing House. You will then receive a popup window showing the completed job. Click accept paycheck to get rewards, including Primogems, which will be sent to you via in-game mail. Be sure to come back the next day to complete the tasks as well as a new youkai theme for more rewards.

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