Genshin Impact Sethos Farming Guide: All Leaked Talent and Ascension Materials


    Sethos is an upcoming character expected to be released in patch 4.7. He never made an official appearance in the game, making him as enigmatic as Gaming and Chiori before his release. While little is known about Sethos, leaks suggest that he may be a four-star electric arc user with a DPS-focused kit.

    If you are interested in obtaining Sethos, I suggest you farm as soon as possible since all of his materials are available in version 4.6.

    Genshin Impact Sethos Leaks: Leveling, Talent, and Ascension Materials

    Sethos Level Up Cost

    You’ll need Hero’s Wit and Mora to level Sethos up to 80 or 90. As a DPS unit on the field, he’ll benefit from being level 80 at max Ascension, but since it doesn’t reduce Elemental Mastery, there’s no rush. to take it to 90.

    Level The hero’s ingenuity Blackberry
    Level one to 80 248 987,905
    Level one to 90 420 1,672,530

    Sethos Ascension Materials and Cost

    You will need to 420,000 blackberries and the following materials to fully Ascend Sethos to Ascension level six.

    Local specialized and boss material

    x168 Trishiraita x46 Cloud Stitching Scale

    According to leaks, Sethos’ local specialty is Trishiraita, making him the first character to use this material for Ascension. He can only be farmed in the Sand Belt region of Sumeru. His boss material is supposedly Cloudseam Scale, dropped by Solitary Suanni in Chenyu Vale.


    x1 Vajrada Amethyst Sliver x9 Vajrada Amethyst Fragment
    x9 Vajrada Amethyst Piece x6 Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone

    As an Electro unit, Sethos will need Vajrada Amethyst materials, which are dropped by all normal, world, and weekly Electro bosses, including Electro Hypostasis, Electro Regisvine, Everlasting Lord of Arcane Wisdom, and Thunder Manifestation (among others). Additionally, you can convert materials using the crafting table to convert any of your existing gemstones into electro.

    Common materials

    x18 Faded red satin x30 Cut Red Silk x36 Deep red brocade

    The common Sethos Ascension materials are rumored to be faded red satin, trimmed red silk, and deep red brocade, which are obtained from all types of hermits in the Sumeru desert area (including the strongest and highest-level hermits). superior). You can also purchase lower level materials from Paimon’s Bargains in limited monthly quantities.

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    Materials and costs to level up Sethos Talent

    You must have 1,652,500 Moras and the following materials to level up Sethos’ three talents to level 10. You will spend less if you have no intention of getting the triple crown.

    Talent materials

    x9 Teachings of Praxis
    x63 Practice Guide x114 Philosophies of Praxis

    Praxis materials can be farmed in the Bell Tower of Ignorance Domain in Sumeru every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

    Common materials

    x6 Faded red satin x22 Cut Red Silk x31 Deep red brocade

    The common Ascension and Talent materials are always the same but in different quantities, so you will have to defeat even more Hermits to meet Sethos’ Talent leveling requirements.

    Weekly Boss Material and Knowledge Crown

    x3 Crown of Insight x18 Daka Bell

    You can earn Crowns of Insight by participating in major events in each Genshin Impact update, and you’re usually limited to one per update. Meanwhile, Sethos’ Weekly Boss material is rumored to be Daka’s Bell, which is dropped by the Everlasting Lord of Arcane Wisdom in Sumeru.

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