Genshin Impact in the Depths of Erinnyes World Quest Guide – The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes


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    Within the depths of Erinnyes lies the final Genshin Impact world quest in the Wild Fairy of Erinnyes quest chain. It is automatically unlocked after completing Willing Weeping Willow and Furious Mouth of the Spring, and unlocks a secret path at Marcotte Station, which leads deep into Erinnyes.

    Completing Within the Depths of Erinnyes will permanently revive the lake’s weeping willow. Continue reading for a complete walkthrough of World Quest, as well as combat and survival tips during the clearing section.

    Mission Walkthrough Inside the Depths of Erinnyes – Genshin Impact

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    The mission begins at the Marcotte station, where the dialogue with Pahsiv will automatically activate. Once done, interact with the three statues surrounding the fountain to offer the teardrop keys obtained in previous missions of The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes.

    After placing all the teardrop keys on the statues, a short cutscene will play and the center of the fountain will reveal an entrance. Jump to the center of the fountain. to reach a long underwater tunnel. Keep diving down until you reach the surface, where you’ll find a Luxurious Chrest. Loot the chest, then enter the portal along with it. See the arrow in the second image above for the location of the portal.

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    When the current stops, follow the path lined with underwater rings and use them to guide you to the entrance of another cave. See the arrow above for the exact entrance to the cave. The cave will take you to shallow water, from where you can emerge onto land.

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    Once on land, unlock hidden teleport waypoint for easier navigation later. Move further into the passage to start the dialogue with Pahsiv.

    From this moment on, you will face difficult combat situations. I highly recommend putting together a strong team with a healer or protector for survival. The team must be strong enough to defeat both Electro and Geo Rifthounds.

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    You will be asked to clean the dirt near the “root.” Head into the clearing and start by defeating all the Rifthounds. They will get in your way and continually drain your HP, so it is best to eliminate them as soon as possible.

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    After taking out the Rifthounds, interact with the nearby machine to gain the Xenochromatic Ball Octopus ability. Like previous chain missions, you must use it to get rid of the contaminated bacterial mats surrounding the area. I suggest having a shield up as the Mats will attack you.

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    The goal is to defeat the root-consuming tumor, the giant rock in the center of the clearing. But it is protected by a shield, which will only be deactivated after defeating the smaller contaminated mats. So hold down the Xenochromatic Ball Octopus’s ability to get rid of the smallest contaminated bacterial mats first. When they disappear, you can attack the larger root-consuming tumor using the same ability.

    Once the tumor’s HP reaches a certain point, dialogue with Pahsiv will be activated. More small contaminated mats will appear, but your skill will receive a buff to make them easier to destroy. Follow the same pattern until the root-consuming tumor disappears.

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    After destroying the root-consuming tumor, you will enter a battle segment against multiple waves of Rifthounds. Get rid of all enemies to complete the objective. When you finish, your character automatically swim to the surface. Let the current flow without interruption.

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    On the surface, you will automatically start a dialogue with Pahsiv, completing the world quest. Don’t forget to claim your rewards floating on the surface of the water, including a Common Chest, an Exquisite Chest, a Precious Chest, and two Mora Chests.

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