Genshin Impact Ann’s Story Quest Guide – Kingdom Through the Looking-Glass


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    Ann of the Narzissenkreuz: Act II – Kingdom Through the Looking-Glass is the second Genshin Impact World Quest in a quest chain about the Narzissenkreuz Institute. It includes a subquest called Ann’s Story, where you must explore the old library hidden in a mysterious underground ruin.

    The quest unlocks immediately after completing The Narzissenkreuz Adventure. I recommend bringing a battle-ready team with a non-Electro and non-Hydro DPS as there will be battles against enemies with Electro shields and Hydro immunity.

    How to complete the Kingdom Through the Looking-Glass World Quest in Genshin Impact – Ann’s Story

    During this World Quest, you must explore an underground library three times. The path is exactly the same all three times, with minor differences in what you need to interact with. I’ll show you a full walkthrough of the first cycle, and only the extra nuances thereafter. Be careful, especially of the third cycle, which you need to pay close attention to avoid getting lost in circles.

    Cycle #1

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    Upon starting the quest, you’ll find yourself in the old library. Climb the stairs and pick up the three Hydrograna on either side. Doing so will create a Hydro Core, which looks like a large barrier surrounding your character.

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    With the Hydro Core surrounding you, stand beside the Hydro mechanism to activate it. Doing so will trigger the gate to open and a “portal” will appear. Enter the “portal” to propel yourself inward. Once you’re inside, dialogue with Ann will trigger.

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    After the dialogue segment, turn right to find a crab and a mechanism in front of the locked gate. You can ignore the crab as it has no bearing on the quest. Interact with the mechanism to open the gate. You’ll immediately spot another “portal.” Enter the “portal” to propel yourself further into the ruin.

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    Once you land, enter the next room to find an Electro enemy. Defeat the enemy to spawn a Common Chest.

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    You must open the Chest to unlock the gate behind it. Once the gate has been unlocked, enter the “portal” to propel your character forward.

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    In the classroom, you’ll encounter a Bubble Formation. When it targets you, hide behind the pillar so that it attacks the pillar instead. Otherwise, you’ll have to restart this segment. Once you’re not being targeted, run toward the Bubble Formation as quickly as possible and interact with it to take out the Hydrogranum.

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    Once the Hydrogranum has been taken out, dialogue with Anne will trigger. And when that’s over, proceed further and enter the “portal” to propel yourself forward.

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    Lastly, step onto the platform and interact with it to activate the elevator. You’ll be brought back to the beginning of the cycle, and you must repeat everything all over again.

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    Cycle #2

    After the dialogue with Paimon and Anne, you must repeat everything you did in cycle #1, except this time, there will be two of everything:

    • Two Hydro mechanisms
    • Two crabs
    • Two Electro enemies
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    There are also two differences from the previous cycle. When you enter the room with the crab and mechanism, you must open the barrier by interacting with it. You should have obtained the key (the Green Feather Accessory) from the previous cycle. After opening it, you can proceed with interacting with the mechanism.

    Also, you don’t have to deal with a Bubble Formation in the classroom, so you can head straight to the elevator without being targeted.

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    Cycle #3

    Once you return to the starting point, dialogue with Paimon and Anne will trigger again. This time, be careful and select the dialogue option “Someone” wants this tale of adventure to never end.

    Once that’s done, proceed while repeating everything you did in cycles #1 and #2, except for the elevator segment. There will also now be three of everything:

    • Three Hydro mechanisms
    • Three crabs
    • Three Electro enemies

    However, in the room with the three crabs, you don’t have to open the barrier, as there is none this time. There will also be no Bubble Formation in the classroom, so you can head straight to the elevator.

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    Once you reach the elevator, activate it to make the bell ring, then immediately run back to the previous room (classroom). Don’t go up the elevator. If you accidentally go up the elevator, you’ll be teleported back to the first room, and you need to repeat all the steps until you’re back in this section. Then, make sure not to go up and instead run to the previous room.

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    When you return to the classroom, a mysterious door will open. Enter the door to trigger the next part of the quest.

    Obtain the Holy Blade of Narzissenkreuz

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    You’ll be teleported back to the starting point. This time, you don’t have to do any of the steps you did in the previous cycles. Keep following the path forward until you enter the room with the barrier, as pictured above. Open the barrier to obtain the Holy Blade of Narzissenkreuz.

    From there, simply follow the quest navigator, which will take you a few floors downward. You must defeat the “dragon” in the form of Hydro creatures with Hydro immunity, so make sure your DPS is non-Hydro. And when you get to the final room, investigate all the glowing spots to enter the world inside the storybook, triggering the next part of this quest chain: Ann of the Narzissenkreuz: Act III – If She No Longer Dreams Of You.

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