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    Genshin Impact version 3.4 Lantern Rite event The Exquisite Night Chimes runs from January 19, 2023, to February 6, 2023, bringing a new wave of attractions and memories under the festive skies of Liyue. During the event, you can participate in a large number of activities to get amazing rewards and experience this year’s Lantern Rite story through event quests.

    The first anecdote of the festival, A thousand miles for an enigmatic melody, is a prerequisite to unlock the rest of the Lantern Rite. Here is how to unlock and complete the quest.

    How to unlock the Lantern Rite in Genshin Impact

    The Exquisite Night Chimes Lantern Rite event can be unlocked by starting the first anecdote of the festival, A thousand miles for an enigmatic melody. You will automatically unlock the quest by completing the following prerequisites:

    • Reach Adventure Rank 28 or higher.
    • Complete Archon Quest Chapter I: Act III – A New Star Approaches
    • Optional: Complete Chapter Interlude: Act I – The Crane Returns in the Wind
    • Optional: Complete the Yelan story quest, Umbrabilis Orchis Chapter: Act I – Calculated Gambit

    If you have not completed the optional requirements, you can still access the quest by clicking the Quick start button in the event menu.

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    How to complete A Thousand Miles for an Enigmatic Tune Lantern Rite quest in Genshin Impact

    Take a walk around the port of Liyue

    At the start of the mission, head to Liyue Port through the Eastern Teleport Waypointthen walk a few steps forward to meet zhongli. After her conversation with him, he will be asked to collect budding bamboo shoots.

    Obtain “Sprouting Bamboo Shoots” (3/3)

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    Follow the quest marker to the southeast of Qingce Village. Collect three nascent bamboo shoots. The area is full of normal and nascent bamboo shoots, so make sure you get the right ones! When you’re done, a voice calling for help will echo through the area.

    Go to the person asking for help

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    Head to the highlighted area on the minimap, towards the stone bridge over a waterfall. Meet the frenzied yaoyao halfway. You will engage in a dialogue with her and a musician from Fontaine named Dvorak.

    Show Dvorak around Liyue Harbor

    You will be asked to return to Liyue Port. You must enter the road that leads to the north pier, where the main entrance to the city is located. Once there, you must show Dvorak the city. Just walk across the bridge until you reach the glowing spot, but go a little slow to make sure Dvorak is still following you.

    Head to the Yujing Terrace

    After the conversation with Xinyan, follow the quest marker to Yujing Terrace, the northwest part of the port you will meet mrs pingand then go a bit south to meet up with ganyu.

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    Stand still and wait two hours and head to the performance venue.

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    Open the Paimon menu and click on the Time icon in the bottom left. fast forward by two hours or more to continue the search. Once this is done, you will again engage in dialogue with the NPCs and will be asked to proceed to the performance location. It is located in the east pier. come to the bright spot to proceed.

    Go to the place mentioned by Baiwen and investigate clues (3/3)

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    Follow the quest marker southeast of Luhua Pool, where you’ll find yelan, who is investigating the same case as you. She will ask you to look for clues. She interacts with the three objects with an arrow pointing at them: the box and two windows in the house on the left. Talk to Yelan afterwards to report your findings.

    Follow Yelan and defeat the treasure hoarders

    Next, you need to follow Yelan. Don’t stray too far or the search might fail. If you are having trouble with this segment, consider logging back in to reset the segment and try again. You will stop twice to investigate the tracks on the ground. Once you have found the treasure hoarder’s camp, you will engage in battle against one of them using a test Yelan.

    Go to Yujing Terrace to report to Baiwen.

    Head south of Liyue Harbor to speak with Baiwen and report your findings. ningguang He will also make an appearance for a brief greeting. Once this is done, the quest is complete and you can start participating in the Lantern Rite festivities.

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