Gamers want to stop Activision Blizzard takeover



    In the US, a group of gamers took Microsoft to court. They want to stop the tech giant from taking over Activision.

    The gamers fear this will leave Microsoft so powerful, that it’ll unfairly compete on the videogame market and ruin other publishers. According to the gamers, Microsoft could (consciously or not) bring lower games to the market and limit the freedom to pick. And all this is caused by the lack of real competition, say the American gamers.

    Activision Blizzard wanted to give wildly.

    Microsoft is a big player already in the gaming market. The software company owns not only 23 major developers, but also a huge finger in the hardware market with its Xbox consoles. Microsoft’s now setting its sights on Activision Blizzard (Call of Duty, Warcraft, Overwatch ) and would get more than 69 billion dollars (50 million euros).

    Sony and the watchdogs are stirring up.

    Sony’s big competitor also made an appearance. If Microsoft can get Activisions hands on Blizzard and its major game franchises, the games might be available on the entire platform of Microsoft. That fear doesn’t seem to be unfounded, since the American competition watchdog FTC has already begun a case to stop the monster takeover. Europe doesn’t look to trust this issue either, as it turned out in October.



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