Game composers name their favorite soundtracks from 2022


    Edition VGC spoke with some of the top game industry composers, and they studied their favorite game soundtracks for 2022.

    Mick Gordon (DOOM 2016, DOOM Eternal, PREY, Killer Instinct) soundtrack, Shadow Warrior 3, computer Matej Kulesh.

    Olivier Derivier (Streets of Rage 4, Dying Light, a Plague Tale, Remember Me), soundtrack Stray, computer Jann van der Krussen.

    Casey Edwards and her films — the tale of a Plague: Requiem, in: Tom Clancys The Division — (The Devil May Cry 5). Olivier Derivier.

    Yoshimi Kudo soundtrack to Blue Archive computer Mitsukiyo, 13 Sentinels.

    Shinji Hosoe (Tekken, Ridge Racer, Street Fighter EX, Mega Man EXE) soundtrack k Midnight Fight Express, computer Noisecream.

    Doseone soundtrack to McPixel 3 in a computer.

    Barry Topping (Champagner, Thatcher’s Techbase) Soundtrack to Xenoblade Chronicles 3, computer Kenji Hiramatsu etc.

    Grant Kirkhope (Banjo-Kazooie, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Mario + Rabbids) soundtrack k Metal: Hellsinger, computer Two Feathers.

    Two Feathers, ‘Oglyse’, League of Legends, ‘Warhammer, Vermintide’, ‘Harmony: Dawn’, ‘Sonds,’ soundtrack to Monster Hunter, ‘End of Death’, Comp. Satoshi Hori and other people are engaged to this particular event.

    Gareth Coker (Ori series, Halo Infinite, ARK: Survival Evolved) Soundtrack to Tunic, computer Lifeformed and Janice Kwan.

    Robin Beanland soundtrack k Return to the Island of Monkey, comp. Michael Land and others are all in his favor.

    David Houseden soundtrack to Tunic, Computer Lifeformed, and Janice Kwan (Thomas Was Alone, Battletoads, Disneys Illusion Island).

    Mason Lieberman’s soundtrack to Sonic Frontiers, computer Kenichi Forest etc.

    Groundislava (Streets of Rage 4) Soundtrack to Dome Keeper, Computer Cameron Paxten.

    Fx Dupas (Dungeon and Dragons Dark Alliance, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Tribes of Midgard) soundtrack to Yomi, computer Cody Matthew Johnson and Nice Honda.

    Cody Matthew Johnson (Five to Yomi, Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil 2, Bayonetta 3) Cult of the Lamb, computer River Boy.

    The soundtrack for Lena Reine (Chicory, Celeste, Minecraft) was called a computer CGIS/1000 Eyes.

    A Yokoyama, “Combat 2: World War II” The Elder Ring, The Yokoyama.

    Paul Aubrey is a soundtrack artist from the American Airlines. You were Lopez.

    Chris Christodoulou soundtrack to the Risk of Rain1 & 2, Gospels of the Flood and Deadbolt (2., Survivors of the Storm).


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