Frame Drops Ready or Not: How to Fix Low FPS and Stuttering


    The Ready or Not environment is dynamic and full of elements that demand the most from your PC. If you are having FPS issues, I will provide some solutions below.

    How to improve FPS in Ready or Not

    You may experience FPS drops and stuttering in Ready or Not, while all other games on your PC run perfectly fine. There are several ways to determine the cause of this problem. To get started, make sure your The PC is completely updated., including the latest drivers for your graphics cards. Each driver update aims to optimize your GPU for better performance with all types of games.

    If you are using Nvidia, increase your shader cache size help to. Regenerating new shaders during gameplay can reduce your PC’s performance.

    Screenshot of pro game guides
    • Open NVIDIA Control Panel
    • Go to Manage 3D Settings
    • Go to Global Settings
    • Scroll down to Shader Cache Size
    • Set it to Unlimited

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    Additionally, you can also adjust some game settings to improve performance in Ready or Not. While fiddling with the settings, I realized that the settings Darkness to Low It gave me a significant performance boost, as shadow settings can vary in their impact in different games.

    In addition to this, I strongly recommend disabling Motion Blur. In my opinion, this build is one of the worst in any game. Not only does it significantly impact your performance, but it also seems very disorienting. As the game maintains its momentum, you should also keep it updated for patches or hotfixes that fix any issues you may have noticed.

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