Fractured Veil announced early access plans next year and recounts the many updates made on 2022


    The zombie-scented sandbox Fractured Veil brought in plans for an early access launch, as well as a trailer for 2022. We have nearly finished with December and now it is clear that there haven’t yet been any early access cases, but that is because Paddle Creek Games is turning the clock on an early access date in 2023. This time for trues.

    Of course, that doesn’t suggest that the studio was sitting on its hands, so the Steam post recounts updated made to the game on the course of 2022 including new monsters and overall smarter AI, construction updates, changing weather, easier crafting, dungeons and a talent system.

    In that post, we define for the future, plan-makers that include re-engineered buildings and biome improvements with separate resources through Veil Travel, dungeon upgrades, and a play-built building. It is important to note that neither of these features nor the games early access release have any kind of timetable, but next year should be a big step forward for those who want a survival box with zombies in Hawaii.

    Source: Blood on the wall.


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