Fortnite Rocket Racing: Ranked, Explained


    Rocket Racing is Epic Games’ new collaboration between Fortnite and Rocket League. Since this is a competitive game, I’ll tell you all about the rankings below.

    How does Fortnite Rocket Racing leaderboard work?

    Like any competitive game, Fortnite Rocket Racing features a ranking system divided into several leagues, starting from Bronze and ending with Unreal. The ranks work similarly to the layout used by Epic Games in several of its other games, including regular Fortnite itself.

    You rank up based on your performance in a game and can play with up to four people on your team in a single game. Opposing teams will have similar ranks to yours and will be made up of the highest ranked players on your team. Each season of the game brings new rank levels, which tells me that we will most likely have a soft rank reset each season.

    Range Level
    Bronze i-iii
    Silver i-iii
    Gold i-iii
    Platinum i-iii
    Diamond i-iii

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    Every division you reach unlock more maps so you can keep running. So if you progress from Bronze to Silver, you will receive new maps. You can also queue with people higher ranked than you to play on maps you haven’t unlocked yet.

    When you reach Diamante, you will have unlocked all the maps. If you reach the Unreal rank, you will be able to showcase your skills on a global level, making a name for yourself in the world. Epic Games Leaderboards.

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