Fortnite player count shows it’s not dead


    Fortnite has just kicked a new season into gear, and already, it’s looking like we’re in for one hell of a show.

    The theme of the season is one packed with espionage and secrecy, and with spy NPCs and new weapons peppered around the map, there’s certainly no shortage of things for fans to do. It hasn’t curbed claims that the game is “dead” though.

    Of course, the battle royale game was a cultural phenomenon and an all-engulfing beast when it first came into popularity, but many feel that because it doesn’t appear to be as big anymore, it can’t possibly remain as one of the biggest battle royale games, contesting the likes of Warzone and PUBG.

    Well, those naysayers couldn’t be more wrong.

    Fortnite just hit a player peak

    Though there is some room for extra maths, as Fortnite only started revealing their player numbers this year, something is certainly going right, as the game experienced its greatest recorded peak ever over the weekend.

    As publicised by Fortnite leaker HYPEX, Chapter 4 Season 4 recorded a grand sum of players in its opening weekend, pulling in a whopping 2.81 million players on its best day. This is in stark contrast to the player numbers of the preceding chapter, which only peaked at 2.12 million.

    Plus, in a pretty shocking fashion, the highest player numbers for this season have come at the end of the weekend, with player numbers soaring from 2.43 million on its first day. This starkly contrasts last season, which petered out in numbers to 1.94 million on its last day as the weekend drew on.

    It is of course worth remembering the caveat that these numbers only went public in March, but even so, they’re immensely impressive even with that roadblock.

    What do these player numbers mean for Fortnite?

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    The numbers themselves are pretty impressive in themselves, but most important here is the fact that they rose over the weekend. This indicates that the die-hards aren’t just soaking up the game on the first day – in fact, they’re telling their friends about it and getting involved too.

    There’s no telling where these numbers could lead, and if we’re in for another launch-like player boom with this new heist theme, only time will tell. In the meantime, we’ll just sit here and be impressed.


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