Fortnite LEGO collab could delay Season 5


    It’d be incredibly easy to presume that the pop culture well had run dry for Fortnite. After seemingly endless collaborations with Star Wars, Marvel, DC and anime franchises galore, you’d expect that at some point, major crossovers would come to be a little more underwhelming.

    But as the moment’s Jujutsu Kaisen crossover goes down a treat, it’s clear that Epic Games isn’t losing momentum just yet. But the much-hyped LEGO crossover could be negatively impacting the game itself.

    LEGO could be holding up the new Fortnite Season

    Well, kind of. According to Fortnite leaker Shiina, the upcoming collaboration with LEGO could be so gigantic, there’s a good chance that it’ll take the place of a second half of a season – namely, Season 5.

    It’s thought that Fortnite will hold off on calling its next content update after this current season, “Season 5,” as the team could intend to simply use the next couple of months for its LEGO collab. It comes amidst rumours that it’s a chunk of content so substantial, it’s big enough for a whole season.

    In this theory, Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 will simply be pushed back to make room for it. It’s unclear whether Chapter 4 will end with the LEGO collab and then move over to Chapter 5. This would be a first for Fortnite and indicates the LEGO crossover is on a scale we’ve never seen in Epic Games’ battle royale. 

    Fans react to Fortnite’s LEGO collab news

    This is a huge deal, and players are bracing for impact – but some are sceptical that any collab can be so big that it takes the place of a full season. One grumbled, “The entire map better be made out of legos if they are skipping a season launch for it.”

    Another added, “This is either gonna be sick af or super lame,” and a third concluded, “They should just make the whole map and everything LEGO at that point.” There’s plenty of love for the idea of a LEGO x Fortnite crossover, and to be honest, we’re imagining LEGO 2K Drive.

    Regardless, we’ll know the truth soon enough. If LEGO is truly taking over Fortnite in the way it’s indicated to, then prepare yourselves – because Epic could be ‘building’ an empire with those plastic blocks.


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