Fortnite Campfire Locations: Where and How to Light Them


    Campfires are an important part of surviving a round of Fortnite, as they provide healing when you’ve run out or don’t want to waste a slot in your inventory. They become even more important when you have to power them up as part of a quest, like the Fortnitemares quests. Here’s where to find all the campfires on the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 map.

    All Fortnite Campfire Locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4

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    Campfires have been in Fortnite since 2018, but their locations have changed a lot due to the ever-changing map. As of Chapter 4, Season 4, there are still many scattered throughout the island. The map above shows that there is practically no part of the island that is free of them, but they are not usually in the more urban areas. You can find them most often on the outskirts of points of interest, towards the outer regions of the map, or in iconic locations.

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    How to light bonfires in Fortnite

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    Lighting campfires is as easy as approaching them and interacting with them by holding down the button that appears on your screen. Zero Builds players only have to stoke the fire without needing materials, while traditional Battle Royale players will have to spend 30 firewood to light it.

    The flames will heal players for up to 100 health and can be restored if players have the necessary wood. Zero Build players won’t be able to relight the fire after it goes out, a disadvantage of playing without building, but with so many campfires scattered around the map, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find another one if yours goes out and you’re not completely cured.

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