FM 24 release date, platforms, features & more


    It’s nearly time for every aspiring tactician’s favourite release, as FM 24 is just around the corner and we’ve got everything you need to know about the release date, new features, platforms, and plenty more.

    Football Manager is one of those games that you either get or you don’t, as it largely just boils down to emails, spreadsheets, and the occasional match that you don’t actually control. However, it has legions of supremely dedicated fans out there who impatiently await every single yearly release, and this new title is perhaps one of the most exciting in recent times.

    So, continue reading below to find out more about Football Manager 2024, as we’ve got all of the latest details so that you can stay in the loop.

    What is the FM 24 release date?

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    FM 24 will be officially released on November 6, 2023 for Early Access users, and approximately November 20, 2023 otherwise.

    This is excellent news as dedicated fans get to play the game as early as possible, and all you need to do to get in on the early access action is pre-purchase the game before its release date.

    What are the new features in Football Manager 2024?

    Image of the new features roadmap in FM 24

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    This is perhaps one of the most feature-packed editions of the long-running series, with an abundance of new features arriving in FM 24 that will surely excite fans.

    While specifics about each of the new features will be revealed as we get closer to the full release, here are all of the areas that we will see improvements and additions in Football Manager 2024:

    • Smarter transfers, squad building, and finance
    • Intermediaries and offloading players
    • Individual player targets and interaction logic
    • Set pieces refresh and coaches debut
    • Truer football motion, match authenticity, and positional play

    These will certainly light up the eyes of any keen manager, as we will all be paying close attention to the transfer and interaction logic improvements. Hopefully, there will be no more fallouts after congratulating your player on their first international goal.

    All FM 24 trailers so far

    There has only been one trailer for Football Manager 2024 so far, and that is the announcement trailer that reveals the release date and the features roadmap. There isn’t a huge amount when it comes to in-game footage here, but hopefully more will be revealed in the lead-up to release.

    What platforms will FM 24 be released on?

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    Here are all of the platforms that you will be able to play FM 24 on:

    • PC (via Steam, Epic Games Store, Game Pass)
    • PlayStation 5
    • Xbox Series X|S
    • Xbox One
    • Nintendo Switch (FM 24 Touch)
    • Mobile (FM Mobile, exclusively on Netflix)

    As you can see, Football Manager 2024 is coming to a wide range of consoles and devices, with staples like PC, Xbox, and PlayStation joined by mobile and the return of the Nintendo Switch version.

    One caveat that you’ll have to be aware of if you’re planning to play on mobile, however, is that the game is exclusively available through Netflix, so you will need to have a subscription if you’re looking to play on your phone or tablet.

    So, that’s everything you need to know about FM 24 ahead of release, so you can now dive headfirst into preparing the wild tactics you’ll be employing for two weeks before switching back to the good old gegenpress.

    Check out our Football Manager homepage for more of the latest details, or find out how to get the real name fix in FM 23 here.


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