Flood remaster announced in late December that the risk of flooding could be increased to six



    Risk of Rain is a remake of the original 2013 Risk of Rain. You, who don’t like the original, will love the risk of reprints. Once a planet is inhabited, alien monsters storm the moon and attack you. This remake of the classic Risk of Rain has improved visuals, updated the codebase and added tons of new content.

    No game in that roguelike is as good as that. This novel Risk of Rain Return features new and improved Survivors, customizable Survivor abilities, new things, monsters and a completely new game mode. The difficulty of the game grows the more you play, so you have a choice of ability to battle the hordes of monsters that threaten your existence, to collect and combine items to be used for better hordes and retrain you at all levels.

    Risk of Rain Returns will release on Steam and Nintendo Switch in 2023.



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