Final Fantasy XVI: FF-Mascot Mogry, the first part also in the new section



    Michael Deckert | 12/21/2022 8:00 PM.

    The final Fantasy series’ new series is set to progress in the future. Nevertheless, the most popular mascots of the series should not be missed from the latest game: the Mogrys, also known as the Moogles.

    Final Fantasy XVI is scheduled to be released on June 22, 2023 and heralds a mature age for the long-established role-playing series. Though this adventure will be worth the headache of a classic final fantasyas producer, Naoki Yoshida, last July.

    That’s why the cuddly Mogrys – also called Moogles in English – aren’t missing out on Final Fantasy XVI. Square Enix has released a short video with one of the cuddly associates on the 35th anniversary of the series.

    These Moogles look like their regulars in Final Fantasy.

    In Final Fantasy III, a Moogle is a recurring element. The little mascots also appeared in Japan’s Mana series, called Seiken Densetsu, and also in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. In the games, cute animals often have useful functions such as traders or saving points.

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    As per Square Enix in the past, the moogles will also appear again in Final Fantasy XVI. They look like fans and make the same loud noise. The little creatures were famous for their exclamation Kupo!

    Final Fantasy XVI in Brazil recently earned a M adult rating. It’s based on crime, sex, drug use and hate crimes. The Entertainment Software Rating Board of the United States has also called the title for the US. According to the authority, among other things blood, violence, partial nodity and the words “fuck and shit” can be heard. In the USA, Final Fantasy XVI got graded M17.

    Sources: Gematsu, TheGamer.

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