Final Fantasy XIV Reveals Key Art, Hints At Where We’re Heading In Patch 6.3


    While we have the better part of a month to wait for the release of patch 6.3, and a week until the next Live Letter, Final Fantasy XIV fans today (December 15) received a few clues as to the next fate of the storied MMO. This was thanks to some amazing key art posted on the official Twitter account and the release of the patch. Official site.

    With it, we get a preview of some of the biggest beats in history in the next patch. From the looks of it, the left side of the new Key Art shows the upcoming Alliance Raid, Myths of the Realm, Part 2: Euphrosyne. And the right, a new dungeon. Of course, the new NPC Zero will also be introduced, and the stoic Reaper is already a fan favorite.

    Over on the site, we got more images of the new dungeon, as well as a hint at a new Reaper-themed boss. Additionally, the screenshots appear to show a promotion for the Garlean NPC Jullus Norbanus, who is pictured in a fancy new outfit and a badge of higher rank on his coat.

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    Overall, we’ve been blessed with about half a dozen new images and two pieces of new key art, including welcome art from patch 6.3 and a rendering of the new boss. As mentioned, patch 6.3 is scheduled to be released in January 2023. But we’re not completely starving for content until then, as the new Starlight event kicked off today, and there are plenty of tomestones to grind!

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