Final Fantasy IV begins Gods Revel on January 10th



    Today was the last live letter of Final Fantasy XIV, which means that fans now have a release date and trailer for the patch 6.3, The gods revel, The lands trotten. It comes on January 10th, 2023, and will contain all of the deicidal content that could be demanded in form of the new Euphrosyne alliance raid. You will find several more main story quests, a new Ultimate challenge against Omega and a new Unreal-winning fighter against Sophira. Look, there’s another deity in there!

    To learn more from that film, you’ll get a full summary of the full text as well as a fan translation of the letter. Upon entering the show you will see some of the new gear from different sources including PvP and the new raid, the new Island Sanctuary improvements, and the new Palace additions incoming, to which you can also read the full transcript of the letter. The Paladin adjustments will be substantial, saving the jobs defenses, and creating more opportunities for efficient damage via instant spellcasts. Check the trailer below, and get hype in a couple of weeks.

    Source: Official Site, Nova Crystallis.



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