Fighting game Guilty Gear Strive was virtually impossible to play due to a new exploit


    Competitive shooters usually use the usual aimbots infiltrate, so they continue to gain a reputation due to the protections that were created by the developers. The fighting game Guilty Gear Strive was among the latest victims of the hacker invasion.

    The biggest problem with this game is the discovery of an exploit that hackers can use to attack the game instantly. According to vice, the exploit involves a hacker finding a way of changing a players’ name by remote means, causing the game to blitz down. The exploit involves using an individual player ID, known as an R-code that displays your information and statistics. This activity was publicly exploited, and it also wiped off streamers, causing the games to collapse during broadcasts.

    Hopefully the R-Code exploit will be fixed, tweeted Remi Celeste. I want more information from Arc Systems Work on this as more streamers are being targeted (yet a JP streams).

    It seems that the exploit has already evolved and has spread rapidly across all kinds of online games. Guilty Gear Strive pro Hotashi tweeted: Anyone who uses this R-code exploit can now exploit this vulnerability to cause a data leak in the GGST client, causing the game to become unplayable. This happens even on instruction mode, and doesn’t steam off.

    The exploit comes at the most often wrong time, as the ArcSystemworks Guilty Gear Strive tournament gets a 200,000-dollar prize pool. For most players, they’ll need to perform well in some online competitions. That exploit could ruin their training.


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