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    In the Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ, the highest trophy a player can get in each match is picking up the weapon case. Like all other maps in the game, Vondel also has a weapon case that is carried by Commander Bullfrog on this map. The tier 4 Phalanx story mission, Fearless, asks you to get the weapon case, then do some daring tasks while wearing it.

    Fearless Phalanx DMZ Mission Guide

    • Clear the fire station fortress in Vondel while carrying a weapon case.
    • Activate a UAV turret while carrying a weapon case.
    • Extract with a weapon case in the same deployment.

    For this mission, you need to unlock and clear the Fire Department safe house after grabbing the gun case from Bullfrog. This locked space can be unlocked using the Fire Department Key or the Master key, so be sure to bring one of those to the game. You can complete the Assault team mission for Tier 3 Phalanx to get the Fire Department Key as a reward.

    How to get the weapon case in Vondel

    The first step in the Fearless mission is to acquire the weapon case in Vondel. The weapon case is carried by Commander Bullfrog who appears after a few minutes into the match. When the boss arrives, you will be notified and can track him on his tactical map by following the yellow box icon.

    Bullfrog drives a vehicle and your objective is to chase him and take him down. Alternatively, you can try my recommended method to easily kill the commander. Get ahead of Bullfrog’s vehicle by predicting his path and then try to jump on top of it (see third image). You can stand on top of a vehicle, a wall or a building and then try to get into the commander’s car.

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    All you have to do is sit on top of Bullforg’s vehicle and keep shooting at it until it is destroyed. You may need a lot of bullets, but I suggest you use the KV Broadside shotgun for faster results. Once the vehicle is disabled, grab the weapon crate on the ground and proceed to the following tasks. Remember, carrying the weapon case marks you for other players on the map, so be prepared for a fight.

    How to clear the Fire Station Fortress in Vondel while carrying a weapon case

    Image from MyFullGames

    Now, head straight to the westernmost district on the map called Fire Department. At the location marked on the map above, you will find the large fire station building that should be closed on all sides. Your objective is to unlock an entrance and then clear the entire building making sure there are no bots left.

    Although there are multiple entrances to the fire station fortress and you can take any one, I suggest you enter from the roof to avoid AI reinforcements coming in. Go up the ladder on the south side of the building and you’ll see the roof door right in front of you (see pictures).

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    How to Activate a UAV Tower While Carrying a Weapon Case

    After clearing out the Fire Department building, the next step in the Fearless mission is to activate a UAV Tower while carrying the weapon case. You will most likely find one or two UAV towers next to the fire station. Make sure the player who activates the tower is carrying the weapon case. And for the final step, you have to extract with the weapon case. You can do this from an exit point, by completing a Hostage Rescue contract, or by purchasing a personal exit from a store.

    Stay tuned to the pro gaming guides for more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 content. In the meantime, head over to our DMZ Frogicide mission guide article.


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