Far Cry 7 leak is good news for Nintendo Switch players.


    It’s sad to admit that Far Cry is a bit stagnant for a moment, and it’s a fact that even the most dedicated fans of Ubisoft’s long-running series struggle to deny. Despite each entry trying to reinvent itself with a colorful cast of villains and a new location, the best may be behind us.

    The series’ heyday in the days of Far Cry 3 and 4 was a true spectacle, with the big bads of adventure games becoming instantly famous. Since then, although Tiles has maintained a strong streak of egomaniac connotations, he has lost fans over the years – struggling to maintain his legacy.

    Still, hopefully the next mainline title can pick things back up for Far Cry 7. Very modern

    Far Cry 7 may feature a conspiratorial group antagonist.

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    A new leak from Indoor gaming has hinted that we have some interesting new details to get from Far Cry 7. While there’s no evidence of leaks, and this should be taken with a pinch of salt, it’s all the same.

    The leak claims that Far Cry 7 will follow a non-linear story structure, focusing on the kidnapping of a wealthy family by a conspiracy group called The Sons of Truth. Leak explains that you have to save your family within a tight in-game timer.

    The timer is reportedly set to 72 hours (equivalent to 24 real-world hours) and won’t stop as long as you’re in certain safehouses. The non-linear elements mean that the family can be saved in any order, while the death of family members will change the way the story continues.

    That’s an impressive claim, especially as the imposed timer will dramatically change how Far Cry 7 plays. That’s not all, as an even bolder claim has indicated that there is some good news for Nintendo fans who have already been forced to miss out.

    Far Cry 7 claims to be coming to Nintendo’s next console.

    According to the editor-in-chief of Brazilian publication Universo Nintendo, Far Cry 7 is also set to launch on the next Nintendo console on day one, as claimed on Twitter.

    Again, there’s no real confirmation of these details, but it’s good news for Nintendo fans who are usually turned off by Far Cry. Aside from Far Cry Vengeance, none of the games have made it to a Nintendo console, making us even more skeptical that this could be the real deal.

    Not surprisingly, there are concerns about how Nintendo’s relatively shaky hardware copes with the demands of such a massive open-world title. We know that he managed the tears of the state, but even nowEven the Switch 2 can struggle with Fary Cry 7. Just look at Mortal Kombat 1.


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