Fans are loving the new Sámi-inspired winter outfit from Final Fantasy XIV


    When it comes to winter and holiday gear at games, the same red coat and Santa hat can get a little boring. Which is why it’s surprising that Final Fantasy XIV chose to draw inspiration from the Sámi, an indigenous people of northern Scandinavia for its Far North attire. The new Cash Shop equipment was revealed in FFXIV Official. Twitter yesterday.

    The Far North Outfit is a glamorous set of items that comes with five items of equipment, a headdress, tunic, felt gloves, pants, and boots. Each one is inspired by some element of traditional Sámi equipment, such as the Gákti. And the connection is definitely seasonal: The Sámi people traditionally hail from a region sometimes known as Lapland, which in modern legend is the homeland of Santa Claus.

    Fans flocked to the Twitter post to say how much they are enjoying the outfit, with some even sharing their own Gákti. Photos compare.

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    What’s most refreshing is the decision to do something slightly different for a winter/holiday outfit. In a sea of ​​Santa hats and snowmen, it’s nice to see FFXIV do something inspired by lesser-known but traditional outfits.

    The Far Northern Attire is for sale in Final Fantasy XIV Online store for $18.00. The character is locked and the helmet will not work on Hrothgar or Viera characters.

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