Exploit the best moveset in Pokémon GO


    Pokémon Exploud Gen 3 is a popular choice for Gyms and Battle League in Pokémon GO due to its ability to counter Ghost and Psychic-types. If you’re looking to add the Normal type to your team but don’t know the best way to use it, we’ve got it. Here is the best moveset for Exploud in Pokémon GO.

    The best moveset to teach Exploud in Pokémon GO

    Because of his high dps outputthe best moveset for Exploud is as follows:

    • Fast attack-Amaze (Ghost Type)
    • charge attack—pop (normal type)

    The combination of Astonish and Boomburst is great for both. offense and defendingmeaning these are the only two moves you need for your Exploud in every situation.

    Explode-type counters in Pokémon GO

    Before bringing Exploud into any fight, it’s a good idea to go over its type counters so you know when to take it out of battle and replace it with a more suitable Pokemon.

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    The best type counter for Exploud—meaning No put yours in battle against is fighting type. This includes dual-typed Pokémon, with Fighting-type as its secondary type.

    How to get Exploud in Pokémon GO

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    If you haven’t gotten an Exploud yet, you can do so by evolving whisper in strong with 12 Whismur Candiesand then strong in blow with 50 Whismur Candies. Whismur can be found as a random spawn in the wildso if you haven’t caught one yet, keep looking.

    It sometimes appears in the Pokémon GO egg pool, so you can get one in either. 2km either 5km eggs, but stumbling upon it in the wild is more common.

    For more information on Pokémon GO, see Pokémon GO friend codes in the professional game guides.


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