Everything was announced during the April 2024 Nintendo Indie World.


    Today’s Nintendo Indie World features 20 minutes of new indie game reveals and updates on anticipated titles. If you missed the event, we’ve collected every announcement here for a quick look at what was shown.

    Little Kitty, Big City – May 9th

    As the title suggests, you control a small cat in a small open world set within a bustling, Japanese-inspired metropolis. Your goal is to find your way home, but the many distractions and opportunities to help fellow animal friends or cause chaos can delay your departure.

    Yaris Rising – Late 2024

    Wayforward and Atari are teaming up for a 2D Metroidvania reimagining of the 1982 classic Yars’ Revenge. This side-scrolling platformer stars Amy Kimura, a young hacker (using the handle of Dude) who becomes embroiled in an international conspiracy centered around a corrupt corporation. Dude can blast robots, climb platforms, sneak through vents, hide in doors, and more.

    Reinvent Yourself: The Personality Test Game – Summer 2024

    The adventure, set in 2023, involves an android whose creator has died. Unaware of his purpose, you’ll piece together your past by interacting with characters and trying to determine what the Doctor had in mind for you. Decisions mold Android into 23 personality types. Are you a hero, explorer, craftsman, or gambler? Whatever the case, Refind Self encourages multiple playthroughs, and you can share results and compare choices and personality outcomes with other players.

    Sticky Business – Today

    First arriving last summer, this casual shop simulator is now available on Switch. Players run a sticker shop where you’ll use more than 400 elements and effects, such as sparkles and shine, to meet specific customer requests. Giving users the stickers they want allows them to open up to players and share their individual stories. The Plan With Me DLC adds new sticker elements and customer stories, and a bundle containing the DLC and the base game is also available.

    Anton Blast. November 12

    As the dynamite Anton or Annie, smash through levels to reach the devil himself, who has stolen your precious soul stash. Levels begin by setting up bombs, then use your mighty hammer to smash enemies through the destructible environment. Reaching the end triggers a timer where you must run to the start before the entire level explodes. Is. A demo is available later today, and Anton Blast will launch as a limited time console.

    Valley Peaks – 2024

    As a mountain-climbing frog, use your tongue to swing across mountain peaks to plant a radio tower to restore communication with fellow climbers. Each mountain presents its own platforming puzzle, challenging players to find the right path. Along the way you’ll find equipment to ease your climb, play mini-games, and sidecoast with other frog climbers.

    Lorelei and Laser Eyes – May 16

    This non-linear puzzle game published by Annapurna will finally launch next month. Created by the team behind Sayonara Wild Hearts, players control a woman invited to take part in a project set in an old European hotel. His journey becomes a nightmarish and surreal adventure with over 100 puzzles with changing mechanics and perspectives.

    Europa – 2024

    This animated sci-fi fantasy game could be mistaken for a Studio Ghibli joint. Players control an android boy with a jetpack-like device who searches for an alluring alien moon. Advance through levels to uncover the secrets of a lost civilization. A free demo is available later today.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Divided Fates – July 2024

    Originally an Apple Arcade exclusive, this roguelike adventure sees the Turtles travel through reality-bending portals to find a kidnapped Master Splitter. Each turtle has its own abilities to take down the Foot Clan and other familiar enemies, with new powers and upgrades in each room. Spending currency earned at the Saver Base grants permanent upgrades, and you can play with up to three other players in drop-in/drop-out co-op. TMNT: Splinter Fate is launching on the Switch as a timed console exclusive.

    Cat Quest III – August 8th

    Sail the seven seas as a lovable pirate to engage in navel-gazing alone or with a friend. When you’re not cruising the waves, you’re destroying enemies in dungeons using an improved combat system with tougher combos and new weapon swaps.

    Sewing – Today

    Embroidery fans rejoice! Use these skills, called hoops, to bring them to life by completing over 180 puzzle-like embroidery patterns. Completed hoops can be replayed endlessly in free play mode where you can repaint them however you like. Daily limited puzzles offer tough challenges, and weekly hoops are themed after holidays and other real events. First released on Apple Arcade, Stitch is a console exclusive on the Switch.

    SteamWorld Heist II – August 8th

    The sequel to SteamWorld’s 2015 turn-based strategy game takes to the seas. New features include the ability to perform trick shots to keep enemies apart, a revamped job system, and an interactive world map with real-time naval combat. You can befriend new Steamboats to join your crew and your actions affect their lives.

    Immediate release date updates

    Bizzette – Summer 2024

    candle – July 18

    Animal well – May 9

    Duck Detective: Secret Salute. – May 23

    Another crab treasure – April 25

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