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    In the Underworld mode for Overwatch 2, you’ll want to complete the Lore Hunter challenge if you’re going to make the most of the limited-time event.

    The Lore Hunter challenge is one of several challenges introduced during the Underworld event and requires you to complete several steps before you can complete it and claim its reward.

    So, we’re here to break down everything you need to know about the lore challenge in the game, the locations of its objectives and the reward for completing it.

    How to complete Lore Hunter in Overwatch 2 – All lore locations

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    To complete the Lore Hunter challenge in the Overwatch 2 Underworld event, you’re going to need to find five different lore interactions as a team on King’s Row.

    While it may not be the biggest map in the world, finding these lore interactions can be a little difficult – especially when you have hoards of angry Omnics descending on you. So, we’ve broken down where exactly you’ll be able to find them:

    Lore Interaction


    Anit-Omnic Graffiti

    Turn right from your spawn point and head toward the Fox and Bear pub. On the wall opposite is the graffiti saying “Machines have no rights”

    Lucio Concert Poster

    In the area with TS-1, head up the stairs near the entrance close to a telephone box. The poster is on a wall at the top of the stairs

    Lucio Record

    In the TS-1 area, there is a set of stairs leading to a music shop in the centre of the area. Head inside and interact with the Lucio record on the wall

    Mondatta Memorial

    At the chokepoint between the bus and the giant Omnic statue near the traditional game entrance, there is a photo of Mondatta with candles by it

    Underworld Sign

    As TS-1 advances to the final area, you will find the world UNDERWORLD on a wall to your left

    All of these interactives will have a small sparkle by them, helping you spot where they are on the map as you’re fighting off the Null Sector Omnics.

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    What is the reward for completing Lore Hunter in Overwatch 2?

    The Underworld Sign, one of the Lore Hunter challenge objectives in Overwatch 2

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    For completing the Lore Hunter challenge in Overwatch 2, you will receive the Vulture Spray for your heroes to use.

    The Vulture is one of the Null Sector Omnics you will be fighting in the Underworld event, so this will undoubtedly make for a great trophy.

    That’s everything you need to complete the Lore Hunter challenge in the Overwatch 2 Underworld event. With Season 6 in full swing, you’ll want to keep up to date, so be sure to check out the Season 6 patch notes for all tweaks, changes and bug fixes.


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