Escape from Tarkov – Tarkov Streets Map Guide


    Due to its unique mechanics, knowledge of the map is a crucial element in understanding Escape from Tarkov. Yes, playing the map well is key in all FPS games. However, it has additional importance in Escape from Tarkov, due to the extraction points that players will have to reach if they really want to escape. For Streets of Tarkov, players will basically need to be aware of these exits, as well as some high-pressure areas to definitely avoid if possible.

    How can players be efficient in Streets of Tarkov in Escape from Tarkov?

    The key aspect of Streets of Tarkov is that all evacuation points are placed on one side. To the left of the Scav checkpoint are most of the exits, including Courtyard, Taxi, and Collapsed Crane. This makes it very clear which way to go when players finish their raids and take all of their items.

    By contrast, the other side of Streets of Tarkov is practically a no-fly zone. Unless players have a green flare, they cannot travel down Klimov Street without being shot down by snipers. Klimov Street hugs the edge of the map, so players should simply avoid that side unless absolutely necessary.

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    It’s also important for players to check windows whenever they can. Most of the buildings on the map (of which there are tons) have small windows that snipers can use to pin down unaware targets. Players will definitely want to travel between cover pieces on open lanes rather than just run down.

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