Emiru says that OTK is going to change soon after Rich Campbell’s resignation


    Emiru is the latest star to break her silence over the scandalous allegations that Rich Campbell, a founder and ex-member of the organization, sexually assaulted a woman.

    It comes months after a false sex assault allegedly happened between Mizkif and her ex-boyfriend.

    As well as Asmongold, she seemed angry with the allegations. It looks like an idiot to see that happen. I don’t even think I should talk about all of this.

    Emiru also confirmed that the organization is on the verge of making some internal changes on issues such as this, although she didn’t mention what the problem was. There are other changes coming soon, but I don’t see anything but that at all she says. Things will improve. That’s everything I can say.

    The 24-year-old streamer also responded to asking her and other streamers to abandon OTK.

    She explained it’s a bunch of people, not one, and so it’s a waste of money, and so far no one is responsible for it, because it’s no secret that the bad eggs will cause the problems for the organization. Lots of people who are not able to work in the front of the scenes, and streamers like you don’t want to get the people out of the office without paying a visit to a tit.


    The changes referred to could include some background checks and screening for newcomers, having current members do more to support those affected by sexual assault experiences and more. As of this point, I do not know if it’s all speculation until OTK releases an official statement detailing their plans.

    In case of an investigation, Rich won’t likely ever be part of the org again.


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