Eiyuden Chronicles Hundred Heroes Greatwood Labyrinth Walkthrough


    The tree-dwellers are very hospitable people, but an intricate labyrinth of corridors protects their kingdom from intruders. Here’s how to get through the Greatwood Maze in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

    How to get through the Greatwood Labyrinth in Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes

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    The path to the Greatwood Kingdom is very complicated to prevent any enemies from sneaking in. To get to the Greatwood Kingdom, you have to follow the three-level path, which is somewhat confusing. Fortunately, help comes in the form of strange plants that will swallow you up and spit you out at different levels.

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    The Greatwood Labyrinth has four spitting plants, whose positions are shown on the map above. Of course, not all Spitter Plants are at the same level, but knowing where to find them makes your job a lot easier.

    You will find the first floor on the lower level platform and it will take you to the upper one, right next to the save point. Now you can go left and look towards the ancient seedor you can go right and find another Spitter Plant that will take you to the lower level.

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    From there, you can go left or right, as there are Spitter Plants on both sides. If you go left, the plant will send you to the upper left area, where you can get 3x Lumber and a Hard scale band.

    Turning right will take you back to the save point, so use it to prepare your party for a battle against Ancient Seed. This enemy instant counterattack anyone who attacks him, so plan your strategy around that fact. The Hard Scale Band you picked up in the maze might also come in handy.

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