EA Sports FC reportedly rules out Draft changes, but fans want more


    With EA Sports FC making some massive changes to FIFA stalwart modes, Ultimate Team is to be on the receiving end of quite a good shakeup.

    The fantastical game mode will be revolutionised with female players for the first time in the series, allowing a combination of male and female players to take to the same field.

    However, the mode within Ultimate Team that has been a fan-favourite for years is Draft, and fans are calling for the developers to show it some love.

    Ultimate Team Draft set to be left alone for EA Sports FC

    While there may be some minor adjustments, presumably with the animations etc., EA Sports FC is set to leave Draft alone for the most part.

    Of course, this does change somewhat with the addition of women players, and all of the ratings and special cards will be reset to the new card database.

    However, this is not good news for most Draft fans, who miss creating 194/195 squads which have become nearly impossible due to the chemistry changes enforced in FIFA 23.

    EA Sports Fans want Draft tweaks

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    One of the main issues with the Draft at the moment is the chemistry hindrances, given that you cannot apply player position modifiers to the cards, and are penalised for being out of position on the pre-determined formation.

    Bring back the old chemistry just for that one game mode. Getting 194s and 195s was something to strive for,” said one fan, who missed building super squads on Draft. Others also crave a rewards mix-up too, with the premium rewards not always returning the fee you pay to enter. 

    A rewards overhaul is much needed. If you win the draft you should always be guaranteed 15k coins + packs. That way anything you pack is profit. There is no incentive to win draft when you are banking on luck for profit,” said another fan.

    Previously, FIFA star Danny Aarons said that Draft is the best way to get coins at the start of the Ultimate Team season, but only if you’re winning. The mode is set to follow a similar suit, but maybe also having a consumable pack to play with (chemistry styles and position modifier cards) could be perfect for adding to your Draft squad too.


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