EA FC 24 cheapest 86 rated players in Ultimate Team


    Finding the cheapest 86 rated players in EA FC 24 will help you complete the latest SBCs without spending too much on Ultimate Team, so we have all the latest prices to make things easier for you. A list is found with

    Currently there is no way to search by ranked in EA FC, so finding a specific group of players is difficult at the best of times, and if you’re trying to complete SBC without spending too much It’s a nightmare. It might be easy to find the first players that pop into your head, but it’s surprising how much money you can save doing so. the game By checking out our similar list.

    So, all that’s left now is to keep reading – as we’ve got the cheapest EA FC 24 86-ranked players below for you to take on the challenge on the cheap.

    Find out who the cheapest players are for all the other popular ratings that are also in our lists below:

    EA FC 24 cheapest 86 ranked players

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    Look no further than the list below for the cheapest 86 rated players in EA FC 24, complete with their latest prices in Ultimate Team now:

    More cheap 86 rated players below…
    the player Price
    Alke Gundogan 8,100 coins
    Preju 8,100 coins
    Trent Alexander Arnold 8,200 coins
    Mary Earps 8,200 coins
    Kim Little 8,200 coins
    Vivian Medema 8,200 coins
    Toni Kroos 8,200 coins
    Marco Verratti 8,200 coins
    Christiana Garelli 8,200 coins
    the player Price
    Serge Milnecock-Civic 8,300 coins
    Riaz Mahrez 8,300 coins
    Matthijs de Ligt 8,300 coins
    Lee Schiller 8,300 coins
    Lindsay Horan 8,300 coins
    Jill Roard 8,400 coins
    Wojciech Szczesny 8,400 coins
    Sadio agreed. 11,500 coins
    Ashley Lawrence 13,500 coins

    The cheapest 86-rated cards are always the best choice to pick up, and I’d recommend going for them if you’re looking for a relatively safe investment. They are useful for any SBC squad rated above 84, and can offer the highest profit potential in the game as well.

    We’ll have all the most recent prices for you whenever possible, so be sure to check back here whenever you’re looking for the cheapest 86-rank players in Ultimate Team.

    How much does an 86 rated squad cost in EA FC 24?

    Click to enlarge.

    If you need to complete an 86 rated squad in EA FC 24, this will do. Your cost is around 96,000 coins.. Although this price is likely to increase after a popular SBC is released, it is significantly higher than other ratings due to the small number of eligible cards.

    It won’t be long until there are more 86 rated cards in the game, and this will reduce the cost of some of the more expensive options, so be patient if you’ve been waiting for some higher rated 86 players. is the key.

    So, this wraps up the cheapest 86-rank players in EA FC 24 right now, allowing you to build an SBC squad for minimal coins.

    We’ve got a lot more to explore on our EA FC homepage, with everything you’ll need to complete the Hybrid Nations SBC in EA FC 24.


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