EA FC 24 best starter teams in Ultimate Team for Premier League, La Liga and more.


    When you first fire up EA FC 24, you’ll want to focus on building the perfect starter team for Ultimate Team. This means finding effective players at affordable prices. The easiest way to do this, especially early on when you’re constantly unlocking new cards, is to try and commit to a league. Chemistry can be very important, and these cards will need all the boost they can get.

    Realistically, you only want to create teams from a few different leagues. the gameEspecially if you want a promotion. A league like the Eredivisie is a great place to start, but you’ll hit the ceiling pretty quickly and you’ll soon be left behind.

    Here are all the best starter teams in EA FC 24, including how much they’ll cost.

    Prices in the Ultimate Team market can fluctuate initially, so bottom prices may be slightly lower.

    EA FC 24 Best Premier League Starter Team

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    Player Name The team nationality Price

    Mark Flecken (GK)

    Brentford The Netherlands 800

    Rico Henry (LB)

    Brentford England 850

    Nathan Ake (CB)

    City of Manchester The Netherlands 850

    Gabriel (CB)

    weapon Brazil 1,700

    Risa Shimizu (RB)

    West Ham Japan 400
    Yui Hasegawa (CDM) City of Manchester



    Melanie Liupols (CM)

    Chelsea Germany 750
    Lucas Piketta (CM) West Ham Brazil


    Miguel Almiron (RW) Newcastle


    Player Name The team nationality Price

    Richardson (ST)

    Spurs Brazil 850

    Karol Mitoma (LW)

    Brighton Japan 1,500

    The Premier League will be the most expensive place to start, but the introduction of women’s players opens up plenty of new options for squad building.

    The defense is very strong, if not a little fit, with all players offering plenty of pace. While Flaccan is an excellent all-round keeper who can also pass. Richarlison may not be perfect but he’s great in the air and has 5-star weak feet, so you can create a variety of chances.

    EA FC 24 Best Serie A Starter Team

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    • Price: 10,250
    • Overall: 82
    Player Name The team nationality Price

    Ivan Provedel (GK)

    Lazio Italy 750

    Lisa Boutin (LB)

    Juventus Italy 1,400

    Pierre Collo (CB)

    AC Milan France 1,400
    Stephen D Vrij (CB) Inter Milan The Netherlands


    Davide Calabria (RB) AC Milan Italy


    Martina Rossucci (CDM) Juventus Italy


    Matteo Guendouzi (CM) Lazio France


    Dachi Kamada (CM)

    Lazio Japan 700
    Samuel Chukwueze (RW) AC Milan Nigeria


    Player Name The team nationality Price

    Romelu Lukaku (ST)

    Roma Belgium 1,500

    Barbary Bonanza (LW)

    Juventus Italy 850

    Serie A is always one of the best leagues to launch in EA FC 24 because it’s never too expensive, while boasting some of the best midfield options in the game.

    Lukaku is too cheap for a striker of his quality, while we’ve got wingers with plenty of pace. Kalulu is also available to use as an evolution, so you can keep it for a while.

    EA FC 24 Best Bundesliga Starter Team

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    • Price: 9,300
    • Overall: 81
    Player Name The team nationality Price

    Lukáš Hrádecky (GK)

    Bayer Leverkusen Finland 750

    Mary Mueller (LB)

    SC Freiburg Germany 700

    Rami Bensi Beni (CB)

    Borussia Dortmund Algeria 700
    Nicholas Solei (CB) Borussia Dortmund Germany


    Kevin Mbabu (RB) FC Augsburg Switzerland


    Saleh Ozkan (CDM) Borussia Dortmund Turkey


    Felix Nemecha (CM) Borussia Dortmund Germany


    Geraldine Reuteler (CM) Frankfurt Switzerland


    Nicole Anomie (RW)

    Frankfurt Germany 700
    Player Name The team nationality Price

    Pernell Harder (ST)

    FC Bayern Munich Denmark 1,300

    Klara Bühl (LW)

    FC Bayern Munich Germany 850

    The Bundesliga has been greatly helped by the introduction of women’s teams. Now the pool of good players is wide open. You are no longer just waiting for specials or Bayern Munich players.

    This is most noticeable along the front line where Bühl and Anyomi are the best wingers on the budget so far. In the game you might want to swap out Bühl for Harder, just because his finishing is so good.

    EA FC 24 Best Ligue 1 Starter Team

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    • Price: 7,700
    • Overall: 80
    Player Name The team nationality Price

    Anthony Lopes (GK)

    Olympic Lyon Portugal 750

    Pearl Moroney (LB)

    Olympic Lyon France 750

    Tiago Djalo (CB)

    LOSC Lily Portugal 750
    Noordi Mukili (CB)


    France 500
    Jonathan Claus (RB) Marcel


    Khéphren Thuram (CDM) OGC is good France


    Jackie Groenen (CM) PSG The Netherlands


    Benjamin Borreguad (CM) Stade Renas France


    Sandy Baltimore (RW) PSG France


    Player Name The team nationality Price
    Rosemonde Koussi (ST) FC Florey 91 Ivory Coast


    Martin Terrier (LW)

    Stade Renas France 700

    Ligue 1 is very similar to the Bundesliga, with the introduction of women’s teams making the league a much more viable place to start.

    Realistically, you won’t get Mbappe and Marquinhos for a while, so this is where they really step up to the plate. Dajlo and Mikael also offer a lot at the back because of how good they are physically – they should prove difficult to beat.

    EA FC 24 Best LaLiga Starter Team

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    • Price: 11,300
    • Overall: 82
    Player Name The team nationality Price
    Giorgi Mamardashvili (GK) Valencia Georgia


    Jose Gaya (LB) Valencia Spain


    Manuela Venegas (CB) Real Sociedad Colombia


    Mario Hermoso (CB)

    Atletico Madrid Spain 700

    Our Terror (RB)

    Real Sociedad financial 700
    Ingrid Engen (CDM) FC Barcelona Norway


    Mikel Merino (CM)

    Real Sociedad Spain 1,600
    Caroline Weir (CM) Real Madrid Scotland


    Ana-Maria Crnogorčević (RW) FC Barcelona Switzerland


    Player Name The team nationality Price
    Ferran Torres (ST) FC Barcelona Spain


    Alba Redondo (LW)

    Levante UD Spain 700

    La Liga is another league that has supported women’s teams, and if you’re lucky enough to get one of Barcelona’s players, you’re laughing.

    Much of Barcelona’s squad was part of the recent World Cup-winning squad, and their quality was on display in the game. There are certainly plenty of options too, with both fullbacks capable of going both ways. Engen can also be upgraded for free as part of Season 1 rewards, which is a bonus.

    EA FC 24 Best NWSL Starter Team

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    • Price: 16,800
    • Overall: 83
    Player Name The team nationality Price
    Bella Bixby (GK) Portland Thorns United States


    Haley Mays (LB) Kansas City United States


    Ali Krieger (CB) NJ/NY Gotham United States


    Emily Sonnett (CB)

    OL Raj

    United States 1,700
    Sofia Huerta (RB)

    OL Raj

    United States 700
    Amandine Henry (CDM) Angel City FC France


    Lo’eau LaBonta (CM) Kansas City United States


    Vanessa DiBernardo (CM)

    Kansas City United States 700
    Midge Purse (RW) NJ/NY Gotham

    United States

    Player Name The team nationality Price
    Lynn Williams (ST) NJ/NY Gotham United States


    Megan Rapinoe (LW)

    OL Raj United States 4,000

    The NWSL is the latest league to be introduced and is incredibly strong. The only problem is that it’s incredibly difficult to make a hybrid with it, so the players are also quite cheap – which is convenient for us.

    You can get a very, very competitive team early on in this league. Rapinoe, Williams and Purce are dangerous going forward while your defense should be able to keep some goals. Mace can also be upgraded for free as part of the Season 1 rewards.

    What is the best starter team in EA FC 24?

    From a personal perspective, would have to be my pick for the best starter team. Bundesliga, because there are much cheaper high-rated cards. This means that you will be able to see improvements with your team very quickly, giving a clear sense of overall progress when compared to other teams listed.

    That’s all you need to know about the best starter teams in EA FC 24s Ultimate Team. Realistically, you’ll pack some decent players along the way, but they’ll take the top spot pretty easily.

    If career mode is your thing, why not take a look at our list of the best Wonderkids or take a look at all the best saves to start a new game? For everyone else, check out our EA FC 24 homepage.


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