Dungeon Hunter 6 Codes (October 2023)


    I’ve been loving the latest addition to the popular hack-and-slash mobile RPG franchise, Dungeon Hunter 6. It has everything you could want in a mobile action game, with responsive combat, plenty of skills and gear, plus plenty of of Cool Characters to add to your party that fit any play style. Plus, some free codes to get you started!

    Dungeon Hunter 6 codes often grant multiple rewards at once, including gold, gems, and summon scrolls. Scrolls allow you to earn new heroes for your party, gacha style, while gold and gems are common in-game currencies that allow you to upgrade your heroes, skills, and equipment. If you love mobile action games, you should definitely check out Aether Gazer Codes as well.

    List of all Dungeon Hunter 6 codes

    Dungeon Hunter 6 Codes (Working)

    • dh6dh6—Redeem for 250 carat gold, 50 diamonds, and 10 unknown summon scrolls.
    • dh6666—Redeem for 100k gold, 10 unknown summon scrolls

    Dungeon Hunter 6 Codes (Expired)

    • There are no expired codes for Dungeon Hunter 6

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    How to redeem codes in Dungeon Hunter 6

    Follow the instructions below to redeem codes on Dungeon Hunter 6. Please note that you will I need to be in character level 12 in the game before you can use codes. If you still can’t see the Wellbeing icon (see 3 below), simply follow the main story until it appears. Then you can use codes.

    Image from MyFullGames
    1. Launch Dungeon Hunter 6 on your device.
    2. Press the hamburger menu at the top right of the screen.
    3. Click on the Wellness icon.
    4. Select Gift codes in the right menu.
    5. In the text box it says Please enter the gift codedo it exactly as above.
    6. press the green OK button to claim your reward!

    How can you get more Dungeon Hunter 6 codes?

    If you are looking for more Dungeon Hunter 6 codes, it is a good idea to follow them. @DungeonHunterVI on X and subscribe to Dungeon Hunter 6 YouTube Channel. Gor is the best opportunity to receive news about codes, such as the Dungeon Hunter 6 Facebook Pageand become part of the community on the official site Dungeon Hunter 6 Discord Serverwhich has a dedicated code channel.

    Why aren’t my Dungeon Hunter 6 codes working?

    You’ll need to enter the codes you’ll find here at MyFullGames exactly as we print them if you want them to work in Dungeon Hunter 6. The easiest way to ensure this is to cut and paste the codes directly from the list you’ll find. find above. If that doesn’t make the code work, it’s probably expired. Many mobile codes expire fairly quickly, so if a code says expired, please let us know in the comments so we can keep the guide up to date. This will also encourage us to go out and find new codes, so check back soon!

    Other ways to get free rewards in Dungeon Hunter 6

    To make the most of the free rewards available in Dungeon Hunter 6, be sure to log into the game every day. You will get a SSR hero free on days three and seven of consecutive logins, as well as other gifts every other day, including scrolls, crystals, and more. Be sure to download the full game to your device, as this entitles you to more gems and 10 free summon scrolls. Finally, click the hamburger icon on the right each day and check the Trade, Rechargeand Privilege Sections to get more daily free articles!

    What is Dungeon Hunter 6?

    Dungeon Hunter 6 is a fast-paced action role-playing game for mobile devices. Select a classic fantasy hero to lead your party, then summon gacha-style troops to aid you in battle. Collect loot as you level up, following the epic story as you unlock more features, including powerful lieutenants and amazing sets of rare gear.

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