Dungeon 4 is opening up for beta testing


    PublisherKalypso Mediaand developerRealmforge Studios announced they are signing up to the beta test of Dungeons 4. The devs are currently planning to launch a special beta for PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store, starting March 24th, then on a 7th, January. During this time you’ll be able to explore the whole game and test many of the mechanics, but not all the time, since there’s just a portion of the game. The people who were looking to register for the beta may be able to do so here.

    Credit: Kalypso Media.

    In Dungeons 4, the quest for eternal evils isn’t finished yet. On Thalya, the dark elf sorcerer still by his side, it’s time to spread this time a new evil and oddwarves. In this coming new addition to popular dungeon management series, players can control even more despicable creatures in larger dungeons. Raise a devious army of orcs, suquer, zombies, and other cruel creatures, all ready to be tossed across the world. Then put your snets to work on the creation of your very own sprawling underground dungeon network, just be prepared to compete with the invading dwarves who have arrived to claim their share of space and supplies. Take a 20-mission-long, fully narrated campaign or use an two-player co-op multiplayer to double the destruction and manage the dungeon against your friends. Did we mention the Jews?

    • If the Dwarves are ready to build their underground strongholds, their hardy little neighbors and they must compete for space and resources with the Ever-Expanding Evil.
    • It’s time for massive army units and truly large dungeons.
    • Take the trip! The Overworld is bigger than ever. Gain Evil by beating down the Bosses, obscenely harmonious Unicorn and then use it to transform the Overworld into stunning biomes of pure evil.
    • New and shiny: An abilities-based perk system for Thalya, the absolute evil’s trusted rival, the most loyal, gives her incredible new powers. The absolute Evil has got a knack for conquering the world, reprimanding the creatures, and slapping subordinates even more with the customizable Evil Hand.
    • The story can be a story. A long campaign, narrated by the English Narrator from the previous title, and with multiple skirmish maps, all to challenge sympathetic Evil.
    • Work together and compete with friends at the same time. All skirmish maps and the campaign are playable in co-op.


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