Drive Pass – How to Earn Free Rewards in Lego 2K Drive


    When playing games, I always appreciate a little extra challenge, like quests or tasks to complete in the game. Of course, the free rewards make these extra challenges worth it and really make up for all your hard work. Great news! You can earn free rewards in Lego 2K Drive by completing challenges and leveling up in Drive Pass. Here’s how to jump into the game alone or with friends in multiplayer co-op and start collecting rewards!

    What is Drive Pass in Lego 2K Drive?

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    The Drive Pass will work as a seasonal collection of rewards that you unlock as you progress through each level. There are 100 tiers of prizes, ranging from stickers, controllers, styles, sounds, and more, and they will continue to be updated with each season. Some of them will be blocked for only premium driving pass members, which requires you to upgrade your Pass to unlock them, which costs $10 of real money. Alternatively, you can earn the Premium rewards with the Year 1 Driving Passwhich can be part of any deluxe edition of the game.

    You can access the Drive Pass rewards lists by navigating to the Lego 2K Drive siteor in-game by selecting the Driving Pass Menu on the main menu screen (by pressing X on Xbox). Here you will also be able to keep track of how close you are to leveling up your pass and earning the next reward. You can also upgrade your Pass through this menu, and you’ll automatically collect premium rewards you haven’t received yet that match your Pass level.

    How to Earn Drive Pass Rewards in Lego 2K Drive

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    To start collecting Drive Pass rewards, you’ll need to level up your Drive Pass. You can see your level at the top left of the Drive Pass menu. The best way to level up is to start tackling some challenges and missions and competing in races. These tasks are symbolized by purple balloon icons, exclamation points, and checkered flags on the world map, all of which will earn you XP for leveling up. The Drive Pass will also include special challenges to complete that weren’t previously in the world added along with it. You can also earn XP by competing in online races.

    You can go back and complete any of the challenges in the world again to earn more XP so you can continue to level up and claim more Pass rewards. You can claim these gifts whether you’re playing solo in Story mode, in a shared world with friends, or in Play with Everyone mode. There is also no time limit for Drive Passes. You can complete them and earn the rewards at your own pace, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything!

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