Dragon Paw introduces a new dragon, Purina

    • Dragonpaw is introducing its new character, Purina.
    • A vampiric poison dealing damage with mass burst ability
    • Check it out now through June 1st with special offers form!

    Bullet Hell Game is all set to introduce a brand new dragon in the form of Dragon Paw Purina. This fearsome vampiric dragon boasts skills that match its life-stealing nature. You can get Purina as an existing player with just one new Rose Crown treasure, while new players can get 111 draws and four free dragons to help capture them.

    With a variety of skills, Purina fits the Poison archetype, and her abilities allow her to deal massive damage. Known as the Rune Hunter, his Darklight Chito ability allows him to attack opponents with runes that deal massive damage after the status wears off.

    As of today, Purina is available to everyone. Her introduction event also includes the addition of special clothing for her and the characters, with Serene Glam and Nightshade available in the skin shop for characters.

    But that’s not all! Because, there’s an upcoming Crazy Chicken Day event (not really, that’s what it’s called) on June 1st that we’ve got just a few hints about that will offer some top prizes for participants.


    While Dragon Paw is definitely anime-esque in a very melodramatic way, we have to admit that it seems to scratch the itch many of you have for intense, high-octane bullet hell action. . And if you want to start with other players while you’re just getting in, now seems to be the right time.

    You can team the New Player Rewards with our Dragon Paw Codes list (valid until May 2024) to give yourself an even bigger advantage.

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