Dragon Hire Codes for True Heirs

    Updated May 21, 2024 – Checked for new codes.

    Dragonheir: Silent Gods has been one of the notable releases this year, offering an extreme gaming experience. The open world RPG features a variety of heroes that players can take control of and progress alongside. The combat is also excellent and will keep you busy.

    One way to get free rewards in the game is to use the various Dragonheir codes that are available from time to time. These codes can also give you in-game currency along with many other freebies that will be valuable. In the section below, we will post all the working codes for Dragonheir: Silent Gods that are currently available.

    Working Dragon Hire Codes

    • Dragonheirs3 – Heliolite Dice *1, Starlight Stone Dice *2 and Gold *50,000 (Expires June 22nd)
    • DRAGONYT100K
    • Dragon 23p
    • DRAGONDC200K – Heliolite Dice x1, Master Scroll x1 and Gold x200,000
    • IVYODD
    • dragonbs1215
    • Dragon 2
    • Dragon 777
    • Dragon Season
    • Drizzle

    All new codes will be added here, so stay tuned until the developers release new codes for you to redeem.

    Expiring codes

    The following is a list of expired Dragonheir codes that used to work:

    • Bugs Bunny
    • The shadow
    • Happy New Year (Valid till March 26)
    • My x-mas (Valid till March 20)
    • Dragon Hires 2 (Valid till March 14)
    • DHSG Sanba
    • Dragon JP
    • Eudragon
    • Dragon 17
    • Dragon 11
    • Dragon 919
    • Dragon Higher JP
    • Dragonna
    • Dragon c
    • Dragon Luck
    • Dragon 888
    • Tszling0919
    • Dragon Hyrgle
    • dragonheireu
    • Summit 1G
    • The Shroud
    • Lirik1

    You should remember that whenever a new code is released, you should use it as soon as possible. The main reason for this is their tendency to wear out very quickly.

    How to use Dragon Hire: Codes of the Silent God

    Using Dragonheir codes is straightforward, and you can easily claim rewards within minutes. If you don’t know the correct procedure, refer to the steps described below:

    • Step 1: Start by opening Dragonheir: The Silent God on your device. After the game starts, go to “Setting“Sports Section.
    • Step 2: Next, tap on “Service“Tab and Click”gobutton next to ” Redemption code option
    • Step 3: A dialog box will appear, and you can enter the required code in the text field and press “please confirm.

    If the code works, the rewards will be redeemed, and you can reap their benefits.

    Original article by Nishant Thakur, updated by Sumant Meena.


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