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    Shadow Company is one of the new Factions in Call of Duty DMZ, and you will have to complete various missions for this group. Battle Plans is a Tier 1 mission for Shadow Company, and it requires you to dead drop certain items like Cargo Ship Instructions and Konni Battle Notes. Naturally, you need to know where to find these rare items and how to dead drop them. Here’s how to complete the Battle Plans mission in DMZ.

    How to get Konni Battle Notes in DMZ

    Konni Battle Notes are exceptionally rare, and you can only find them in areas where Konni AI forces are located. For instance, I found Konni Battle Notes while fighting AI forces near a safe in Vondel. Eliminating these AI combatants have the chance of dropping the item. I’d recommend visiting heavily-guarded areas and Active Combat Zones in DMZ to quickly get your hands on this item. Remember, you need to deposit three pieces of Konni Battle Notes at any dead drop on any map.

    How to get Cargo Ship Instructions in DMZ

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    Cargo Ship instructions are rather common, and you can find them inside Strongholds, Denied Areas, and other locked spaces. I found a bunch of them while completing a Raid Weapon Stash contract. Likewise, I also found this item inside the locked Aquarium area on the Vondel map. Once you find three pieces of Cargo Ship Instructions, visit a dead drop quickly to deposit them.

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    DMZ Battle Plans mission rewards

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    The rewards you will get for completing the Battle Plans mission in DMZ are +5,000 XP and a TAQ-V Contraband weapon. You will also get +100 Faction Reputation to increase your level with Shadow Company. I’d recommend visiting the Vondel or Al Mazrah map to complete this mission quickly and earn all the rewards.

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