Disney Dreamlight Valley announces upcoming Jack Skellington release


    My favorite part of Disney Dreamlight Valley is interacting with my all-time favorite Disney characters and we’re nowhere near seeing all the potential characters that are coming.

    Jack Skellington is the perfect character to welcome between Halloween and Christmas, and we will see him much sooner than we expected. Keep reading for all the details.

    Disney Dreamlight Valley Jack Skellington Release Date

    While many of us expected Jack Skellington to be released closer to the spooky Halloween season, it makes more sense to see this Pumpkin King between Halloween and Christmas, since it’s from The nightmare before Christmas Christmas movie. We definitely won’t have to wait much longer as the Disney Dreamlight team announced its upcoming arrival on December 5, 2023.

    Jack is a very different type of character than what we have so far in the Valley: tall, thin, but in general, a gentleman. In the trailer, we can see how much taller our characters are and, of course, how he flaunts his signature pinstripe suit.

    Like all characters added to the world, we can expect to have new questlines to work on with Jack, Friendship roles, and a whole line of Friendship rewards from him. If you weren’t satisfied with all the Halloween decorations you received, I’m sure you’ll see many more spooky-themed items among your rewards.

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    We’re not sure what else we can expect from this skeleton king just yet, but stay tuned for more information as his arrival nears. To prepare, find a good place for your player in your valley or work to finish your other friends’ quests.

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