Disney Dream Light Valley Codes You Can Redeem


    We hope you like the tees – you’ll find a lot more.

    Updated May 21, 2024 – Checked for new codes.

    Disney Dream Light Valley is one of the major releases slated for late 2023, and it’s now officially available after a successful Early Access phase. Gameloft is the developer of this life simulation game, and it has added a variety of interesting components, perfectly blending the Disney-themed content.

    If you find it takes time to get in-game items in Dreamlight Valley, you can rely on the special codes that are being released from time to time. By successfully using these codes, you will get free rewards that can make your experience a little better. This guide provides a detailed listing of Disney. Dreamlight Valley Codes.

    Also, the latest additions to our beloved collection include Era of Conquest codes that will get you gems, coins and skull chests, and Pokémon Unite codes that will mostly get you new skins. Now, let’s get to it.

    List of working Disney DreamLight Valley codes

    Disney Dream Light Valley Codes are the best way to get free in-game without much effort. These codes are easily redeemable and provide instant access to related items. The following is a list of working Disney Dreamlight Valley codes.

    • PRIDE20231 – Gleam Tee
    • PRIDE20232 — To illuminate t
    • PRIDE20233 –.Shine T
    • PRIDE20234 – Shiny tee
    • PRIDE20235 – Glow T
    • PRIDE20236 –.radiate t n
    • PRIDE20237 – Roshan T
    • PRIDE20238 –.chakana t n
    • PIXL – Air hockey table, game machine, and coin op game

    With these game codes Not lasting for a long period of timeyou are advised to use them as soon as possible.

    Expiring codes

    • DDVHEADBAND – Celebrate Mickey Mouse Ears and Celebrate Minnie Mouse Ears
    • DDVBALLOON – Celebration Arch and Celebration Balloon Cluster
    • DDVBPACK – Celebration Bag
    • SG2023GIFTS – 1x Painted Table, 1x Vine Flower Lamp, 1x Snow Festival Window, and 1x Telescope
    • SGSNOWDAY – Houghty Snowman, Snow Kid, Snow Lady, Snow Hut Furniture Items, 20x Snow Brick Road with Border Paving Items (Expires February 5)
    • SGWRAPPINGPAPER – 5x Festive Wrapping Paper Material Items (Expires February 5th)
    • SGCOZYCOCOA – 1x Marble Fireplace, 1x Marble Coffee Table, 1x Ornate Sofa, 5x Hot Cocoa
    • SGMULTIPLAYER – 2x Glitchy Pixel Duplicate, 2x Pixelized Cooking Flame
    • SG2023 – 500 Moonstones
    • Halloween Bundle
    • Fosouvenir
    • failure
    • Phoflugmes
    • Fofloshard
    • Photography
    • Fofglatter
    • Centennial
    • Autumn Bundle
    • Sea view
    • Dreamlight Park

    Steps to Use Codes at Disney Dream Light Valley

    A portal to redeem Dreamlight Valley codes is integrated into the game itself. Check the steps given below to perform the recovery procedure:

    • Step 1: Start by opening Disney Dreamlight Valley on the respective platform.
    • Step 2: Access the game settings and go to the “Help” tab.
    • Step 3: You will get a text field to enter the code, and then you can type the same.
    • Step 4: Press the “Claim” button.

    Prizes will be delivered to you via mailbox.

    Original article by Nishant Thakur, updated by Sumant Meena.


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