Disgaea 7 details Netherworld Tourism, mini-games, more classes, etc



    Nippon Ichi Software released new information and screenshots for Disgaea 7. This book introduces Netherworld Tourism, mini-games, and even more classes.

    Get the details below.

    Frozen in the Japanese-style Netherworld Known as Hinomoto’s Netherworld Cluster.

    Disgaea 7 is a Japanese version of the Hinomoto Networkherworld Cluster.

    At Hinomoto, visiting samurai Fuji and Hinomoto, the otaku girl, Piririka travel the whole body, to pursue a dream of defeating the Oedo Shogunate.

    When you continue to study the story, you will unlock the new system for Netherworld Tourism, which allows you to visit the renowned Hinomoto Netherworld Cluster as a tourist attraction. You can speak with the people of Hinomoto, pay more quests and play Minigames such as Demon Tashi.

    This update will introduce the new system Netherworld Tourism which will allow you to enjoy The Hinomoto Netherworld Cluster to its fullest extent.

    Let’s go to Hinomoto – netherworld tourism.

    The Hinomoto web site is famous for its unique culture and elegance. The Netherworld tourism system is a new way to explore the Hinomoto Netherworlds. Go to the city of Hinomoto, and enjoy the sights thanks to Fuji and the company’s accomplishments. Enjoy the world of Disgaea 7 even more through special conversations that complement the story and mini games.

    Piririka visited the Hinomoto Netherworld cluster on the first visit. Enjoy your Hoosyomi Nippon Cluster.

    As you want to tell the story, talk to the gatekeeper to plan a virtual adventure.

    Special Conversations and Characters of Extra Colour.

    In the quiet neighborhood of Hinomoto, everybody is returning to business. See the residents of each area and chat, apart from the story.

    Every area has some character with different colorings than it has been for their usual appearance. Completing your roster is another of our fun games.

    You may even meet a character who is angry with Fuji and company.

    A unexpected reunion of familiar character encountered on your adventure?

    You may encounter characters that look different from their usual appearance. If you succeed they’ll become your ally.

    Special Quests

    While being visited, the people that count on Fuji and company might come on demand. Since you get rewards for resolving requests, you should work your hardest. It’ll also allow you to catch a glimpse of the characters’ unique episodes that you can’t see by playing the principal story alone.

    Written requests can look at the residents’ personality, too.

    After you clear the quest, you’ll get a thoughtful reward.

    The items of a store and the treasure cannot be paid.

    In every netherworld where peace has been restored, there might be an open store. They are available in some local shops and bargain markets.

    You might also find treasure tables scattered around the city. If you find them, open it.

    Please open the treasure chests scattered around town.

    General Stores sell items that you don’t find in your standard store.

    Mini-Games are all o’clockwise.

    In certain games like a Netherworld you’ll get the opportunity to play mini-games.

    These include Demonic Tsume Shogi, where you must come up with artificial intelligence (Demonic Intelligence) to clear the stage in the fastest time possible, and the Hinomoto Martial Arts Tournament, where the highest title of Netherworlds is on hold.

    You can play these mini-games many times as long as you want, so make sure you can play them in between your netherworld reformation activities.

    Demon Tsume Shogi: A brainy mini-game that uses Demon Intelligence.

    Hanumoto Martial Arts Tournament: Competition where the strongest of the strongest enemies of each corner assemble.

    Demonstrate Tsume Shogi.

    Demonic Tsume Shogi is a mini-game that uses the combat artificial intelligence – known as Demonic Intelligence. Keep the maps of ally-listed ally characters with Demonic Intelligence, and seek to win as soon as possible.

    Five difficulty levels exist, and the higher difficulty, the more difficulty a difficulty adines, the more complexity of the design is. The hardest difficulty level is Prinny; then you can take that step to a higher level by practicing that skill with the easiest point.

    You’ll be awarded several prizes depending on the number of turns it takes to clear the game.

    Even higher the difficulty, the more refined your Intelligence is. Teach the shogi (shogi problem) so as to become a Demonic Master!

    To defeat an uninhabited Prinny, one may need to use an in-game system like the Disgaea series.

    If everything is not working on as planned, you can adapt your Demonic Intelligence on the spot. There’s no penal charge, so give it a go.

    There are many ways to clear the game in a few seconds. Play the same stage multiple times in order to determine the best strategy.

    The Hinomoto Martial Arts Competition took place.

    Das Hinomoto Martial Arts Tournament is a round of 8. Not just anybody can earn the title of the strongest. Take courage to victory against evildoers in the competition. The winner gets a lovely prize.

    There are five martial arts classes. The higher the rank, the greater the potential enemies you lose.

    You’re going to put your party on top and win it up!

    Generic Classes

    He called the armored knight (Male) and left with his arm.

    A sturdy knight dedicated to defence. His defensive strength and his heroic figure are the object of admiration for the children.

    All men have arms.

    A steel-clad knight with an impregnable defense. It looks like the number of women wishing to become armor knights has increased in recent years.

    Mecha Girl

    A robot born of quantum mechanics. His ability to adapt to any situation seems to have earned her fans in Celestia.

    Celestial Host

    Some angels are inflexible, but those who fight in the Netherworld are relatively quick. They can get rid of the damage from nearby aliables.

    Rifle Demon

    A demon from a different dimension characterized by his gun-like arm. He likes destruction and chaos and is willing to amplify his own body.

    Pincer Shell

    A grab that considers his shell the mark of gentlemen. He frequently says, That shell makes the demon. When he is attacked, his defense increases.

    Slumber Cat

    While keeping the surroundings warm and fluffy, they always seek a chance to steal the thunder. They are resistant to humanoid attacks.


    The mushroom-like demon favors humid locations. Not the Netherworld, it’s from the peaceful world called Marl Kingdom. The ability to make up it due to its spores inhibits the ability of nearby female characters.

    The game of the game is set for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch on January 26, 2023 in Japan. Learn more about the game here, here, here, and here.

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