Diablo 4 hack lets players break free from Seasonal shackles


    The first season of Diablo 4 has been bumpy, to say the least. Though new content is always welcome, the rocky patch notes nerfed characters into oblivion and players are threatening to turn away in their droves.

    The requirement to create a new character altogether in order to access new content has made it tougher than with others to actually engage. It’s a frustrating balance to strike, and it looks like Diablo 4 still has some growing pains. But one YouTuber has found a way to breach these pains entirely.

    Bring your first character to the new Diablo 4 season with new glitch

    One YouTuber has figured out a way to completely bypass the frustrations that have come with the new season of Diablo 4 by bringing their Eternal Realm character into the current Seasonal Realm.

    Glitch Unlimited has revealed that the restriction for characters coming to the new season isn’t as concrete as we thought, as they’ve found a way to bring old characters to new content.

    The video reveals that by joining a seasonal character’s party and deactivating your internet, you can reconnect and join in order to move about items as you wish. It’s an incredibly handy glitch that will allow you to become super-powerful in your Seasonal Realm, and it’ll serve as a massive XP booster.

    Is the Seasonal/Eternal character bug getting patched?

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    The benefit is that Eternal Realm characters can sell items or put points in the Seasonal Blessing, while also using new Legendary items with seasonal aspects. Your Eternal Character can drop powerful items in the fourth stash tab, meaning you get some sneaky Legendary or Unique items.

    Keeping characters separate between realms was clearly a very intentional choice, so there’s no doubt that Blizzard will be looking to crack down on this bug. It’s for this reason that players are likely to try to keep it quiet.

    The grumbles that have come with the rules of characters in different realms have been very real, so here’s hoping Diablo 4 fans can gather the items they can before the bug gets patched. Get to work, adventurers.


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