Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat adds Trish as the newest playable character.

    • New playable character Trish, the demon-like figure of Dante’s mother, joins the game.
    • She wields the sparda sword and can control lightning.
    • Trish can inflict various debuffs on enemies while increasing her stats.

    After a fiery update last month, NebulaJoy is back with another patch for Devil May Cey: Peak of Combat. The latest update brings a brand new character to the mobile action game, and it’s one that fans have been craving for.

    Say hello to Trish, whose arrival was expected since V was already part of the game. Trish is a demon created by the Demon King and is like Dante’s mother. They start out as enemies but eventually become allies when Trish joins the DMC team.

    Trish will join Devil May Cry: Pack of Combat as a playable character today, May 30, in the Light in the Dark limited hunting mode. She has lightning powers and uses Sparda’s great sword to destroy anyone who gets in her way. She is very good with combos and can deliver a wide array of them to deal damage in specific ways.

    Additionally, Trish can tag enemies with pen effects, while simultaneously increasing her damage and gaining multiple buffs in the process. Also, last hit switching from his style skill resets the cooldown and triggers other hunters’ QTEs. His Gauntlet Strike sees his foes create a whirlwind and kick them into the air as he hits them with a flurry of attacks.

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    To get you going, two lineups are recommended. The first team consists of Light in the Dark with Endless Judgment and Charismatic allies with Heartbreaker, while the second team consists of Electric Freedom with Count Thunder and One Man Show. Speaking of Count Thunder, this electric hunter also makes a return to the game.

    Get your hands on Trish by downloading Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat by clicking your favorite link below. It’s free to play with in-app purchases. Visit the official. website For more information.


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