Destiny 2’s Best Seasons, Ranked


    Seasons were introduced to Destiny 2 in year two and the Forsaken expansion. They were then revamped in Beyond Light with the inclusion of a Season Pass that allowed Guardians to rank up and earn season-exclusive gear and more.

    Over the years, the quality of the seasons has fluctuated greatly. With 22 eliminated and the final underway at the time of writing, it’s time to examine and determine the top 10.

    10. Season of the Forge

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    Season of the Forge brought the beloved Exo Ada-1 and her Black Armory. Guardians found themselves involved in a fun seasonal event that acted as a more refined version of the Mars Escalation Protocol. A bunch of themed weapons and armor have been added to loot and players have been begging for their return since the Sunsetting debacle.

    9. Season of the Chosen

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    In a move that many did not see coming, the Last City began to form uneasy alliances between the Vanguard and one of humanity’s most fiercely contested enemies, the Cabal. Serving under Empress Caiatl, the Cabal was prepared to subjugate the Vanguard until Zavala refused to bend the knee. This prompted the Guardians to take up the hammer to prove our worth.

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    8. Season of opulence

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    Emperor Calus had invited the Guardians aboard his ship, the Leviathan, and wished to test their mettle and turn them into a Shadow. The Menagerie was a dungeon paired with all sorts of activities that allowed players to chase down specific pieces of loot. Of everything that was taken to the Destiny Content Vault, this was one of the most egregious removals.

    7. Season of Dawn

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    What’s a Guardian to do when his best friend and legendary warrior meets an untimely end? He Travels back in time and finds them, of course! Is it bad that The Guardian has seen its own grave in countless timelines? Who knows? This season had the players working together to solve a pretty complicated puzzle and it was truly one of those “you had to be there” moments.

    6. Arrival season

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    The Darkness has arrived and wishes to make a collect call to the Guardian. Acting as an interpreter, Eris Morn guides players through the weekly quest Interference and the Public Contact Event. This season was the shot in the arm for Destiny 2 that kicked the Light vs. Dark battle into high gear.

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    5. Looting Season

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    Season of Plunder was the equivalent of a beach episode in anime. Sure, he felt out of place with the imminent arrival of the Darkness that spelled doom for everyone on Earth and beyond. However, it was a well-deserved break for me. Playing pirates with Drifter and Eido was a lot of fun and fighting on the Reef was unforgettable.

    4. Season of the lost

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    Season of the Lost set up the events of Destiny 2’s best expansion, The Witch Queen. After the shocking revelation that Savathun had been personifying Osiris all along, and that the Guardians were actively working with the Reef Queen to purge the Hive Queen’s worm, suffice to say it’s going to be hard for Bungie to top this one.

    3. Season of the Charmed

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    I’m always up for hair-raising adventures. So when Destiny 2 brought back a haunted Leviathan and forced some of the series’ biggest characters to face literal ghosts from their past, I was in. Add in super edgy seasonal armor and the ability to wield a flaming scythe and… I’m still bitter that the Destiny Content Vault exists.

    2. Season of the Witch

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    Season of the Witch is among the best in terms of Destiny story. Did she handle herself completely clumsily? Without the slightest doubt. That being said, we finally got to see the conclusion to Eris Morn’s tragic story. The Guardian who had everything taken from her refused to give up the fight and became the most powerful Hive God of all time. Then, with her mission accomplished, she abandoned it all. She would follow Eris Morn anywhere.

    1. Season of the Seraphim

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    Come on. You had to know this one would be at the top of the list. I literally wrote an article detailing my love for AI, Rasputin. After we thought he was lost when the first pyramid ships arrived in the system, I was very happy to see that he survived. Season of the Seraph was a beautiful send-off for my favorite character, even if Season of the Witch made sacrificing him moot.

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