Destiny 2 – Should you choose to accept it? Part 4 Guide


    It has finally come to an end. The Should You Choose To Accept It questline has come to the station in Destiny 2. Unfortunately, it will require Guardians to replay content and execute a difficult quest, but the end is in sight. Here are the ins and outs of this last series of steps.

    How to complete the fourth mission Revision Zero Catalyst in Destiny 2

    • Return to the Diocles Annex and download a new crypto index.
      • This mission can be launched from the HELM
    • Travel to the Cosmodrome for further instructions.
    • Crack the access code by completing patrols and defeating the combatants in the Cosmodrome.
      • Just like in previous weeks, you’re looking for 100 kills to do this. Immediately head to Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector in The Divide and kill everything on the way.
    • Locate the deadlock in Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector of The Divide and load the cipher.
      • The stalemate is next to the loot chest at the end of the Lost Sector. Step back after using it as it will explode.
    • Start Operation: Seraph’s Shield on Legend difficulty and find the schematic for the weapon.
      • The fourth and final Exo is found in Eliksni Ketch, right after the first boss fight. He clears the room and looks in the middle alcove on the right to locate it.
    • Complete Operation: Seraph Shield on Legend difficulty to successfully obtain the catalyst.
      • Finish the mission (hopefully for the last time) and claim the fourth catalyst.

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    What does the 4 timer overhaul catalyst do?

    This is the catalyst we have all been waiting for. Instead of accuracy or quick kills gradually increasing reload speed, 4-Timer Refit will actively return two rounds to the magazine. It is the perfect complement to this pulse rifle. It might not hit like a truck, but if used correctly on red bar enemies it can go right through a room. Once that’s done, hopefully we’ll never have to run Operation: Seraph’s Shield again.

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